Hi guys! My last ebay lots for some time are up now, a few ending today - including two Megadrive / Mega CD game lots.

These lots include some import games, some classic stuff - and one of them includes a Mega Key converter, which will allow you to play any import game at all on your Genesis / Megadrive.

It has three dip switches to set for the different regions (settings are shown on the cart label) - will play everything, including lock-out games like Alien Solider and Mega Man: Wily Wars and Golden Axe 3.

Check em out here:


N.B. I'm heading off to a conference now for a day, so won't be able to respond to any offers on the other items - so you'll either have to BIN (10% off BIN prices to DP members), or message me here so that I can deal with you direct if it the item hasn't sold when I get back.