I would like to get ahold of an original PC Engine or CoreGrafx I/II, hookups, original gamepad and perhaps a game or two. They don't go for much (found a few in the $40-$50 range on ebay with a few games) but if I can get one by trading something I rarely use, why not?

I am willing to trade the following:

Excellent condition Sega Dreamcast console (NTSC/USA) with a/v cable, power cable, two official Dreamcast gamepads, two gamepad extension cables, one official grey VMU, one massive memory card (eight slots, digital readout on front). I *think* I have two or so DC games complete laying around (I know one of Vigilante 8) but I have to find them. If I find them I will add those, and I will even make you copies of the unreleased Half Life, PBA Bowling and Propeller Arena

The PC Engine (or equivalent) does not have to be extremely mint, but does have to be in decent condition and fully functional. The game(s) do not have to contain cases or manuals either.

So, anyone wanna trade?