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Thread: Huge INTV Lot - System, Voice, CPUs, and 80+ Games

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    Default Huge INTV Lot - System, Voice, CPUs, and 80+ Games

    Hello everyone!

    After a long, hard thought process, I have decided to let go of my Intellivision collection (or most of it) in order to help focus on the final, final pieces of the PlayStation legacy.

    I would like to sell the collection as a lot.

    The lot is chock full of goodness; some sealed games I bought from Sean's store, a bunch of oddball rarities I found at a goodwill years ago, and some personal purchases from a used music store 7 years ago.

    The over all condition of the lot would be "very good' to "great". There's a slim few (two? three?) that are in dire oddity from the previous owner who had a weird packing tape fetish. The majority of the games are complete, some are cart only or cart with manual / overlays.

    Besides the games, there is a lot of fun hardware involved, all listed below. For aspiring programmers or home brewers, the official INTV computer module allows you to yank "sprites" out of real games legally and make your own game from them. I have never tried it, but I watched a buddy pull the chef character out of Burgertime and mess with its colors. Way beyond me, but if you know the how, it looks fun. You can hook a tape player up to it and save your progress.

    I am listing the total contents right now just to get some offers, and will be uploading images ASAP as soon as I can get them formatted to small sizes.

    Keep in mind that there will be two boxes to ship, and one is rather large.

    Thank you in advance.

    Pictures of the entire lot are here:

    Please note the last picture is of a stack of game that are in crappy condition and NOT part of the official list. I'll toss those in for free for kit bashing / orphaning.

    Intellivision Lot


    Intellivision computer module - loose w/ book, plug
    Intellivision computer module - boxed complete
    Intellivision System III - loose (tested, works)
    Intellivision Voice Module - loose (tested, works ) (dent in front plate)


    R1 - Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
    R3 - Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Trials
    R1 - Armor Battle (Mattel)
    R3 - Astrosmash (Sears)
    R2 - Atlantis
    R2 - B-17 Bomber
    R2 - Beauty and the Beast
    R5 - Big League Baseball
    R4 - Blockade
    R7 - Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling
    R2 - Bomb Squad
    R1 - Boxing (Mattel)
    R2 - Burgertime
    R3 - Buzz Bombers
    R3 - Centipede
    R6 - Championship Tennis
    R2 - Checkers (Mattel)
    R5 - Chip Shot Super Pro Golf
    R5 - Commando
    R6 - Defender
    R1 - Demon Attack
    R2 - Donkey Kong
    R2 - Dragonfire
    R3 - Dreadnaught Factor
    R2 - Frog Bog (Mattel)
    R2 - Frogger
    R4 - Happy Trails
    R2 - Horse Racing (Mattel)
    R5 - Hover Force
    R1 - Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack (Mattel)
    R1 - Las Vegas Roulette (Mattel)
    R1 - Lock n' Chase (Mattel)
    R3 - Loco-Motion
    R2 - Masters of the Universe: He-Man (includes comic!)
    R2 - Math Fun
    R2 - Microsurgeon
    R2 - Mission X
    R1 - NASL Soccer
    R1 - NBA Basketball
    R1 - NFL Football
    R1 - NHL Hockey
    R1 - Nightstalker (Mattel)
    R3 - Nova Blast
    R1 - PGA Golf
    R1 - Pitfall
    R5 - Q*bert
    R2 - Reversi
    R4 - River Raid
    R2 - Royal Dealer
    R5 - Safecracker
    R1 - Sea Battle (Mattel)
    R3 - Shark! Shark!
    R3 - Space Battle (Action Box) (box iffy)
    R1 - Space Battle (Space Box)
    R1 - Space Hawk (Mattel)
    R2 - Space Spartans
    R2 - Stampede
    R1 - Star Strike (Mattel)
    R3 - Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back
    R1 - Sub Hunt (Mattel)
    R5 - Super Pro Football
    R2 - Swords and Serpents
    R1 - Tennis
    R5 - Thin Ice
    R5 - Thunder Castle
    R5 - Tower of Doom
    R1 - Triple Action (Mattel)
    R1 - Tron Deadly Discs
    R1 - Tron Maze-a-tron
    R2 - Tron Solar Sailer
    R3 - Tropical Trouble
    R4 - Truckin - complete with map!
    R1 - US Ski Team Skiing
    R1 - Utopia (Mattel)
    R1 - Vectron
    R4 - Venture
    R4 - World Championship Baseball
    R5 - World Cup Soccer
    R4 - Zaxxon
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    I always got a kick out of the Intellivision, but I lived in a Coleco household until the NES.

    Free non-needed bump. I'd be interested in the lot, but more to play than to collect as I wouldn't really find any value in the rare games unless they're fun

    If you do end up with the completists buying those off and still have the lot up for sale, let me know a price you'd be looking for.

    Regardless, good luck with the sale!

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    Small Updates:

    a. Picture gallery is officially up:

    b. It's going to take 3 boxes to ship everything.

    c. Please make offers withOUT shipping and WITH your zip, so I can get you an accurate shipping idea.


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