Hello everyone!

I hope it isn't considered rude of me to post my first thread in the buying and selling forum.
First off, a small Atari Jaguar EBAY sell of mine:


I doubt I'll get the BIN from any of you collectors, but it's no reserve and may help with someone's collection.
Now, for the real reason I'm posting here. Those Jag carts are the last bit of a small collection I had and now I want to start fresh (ok so I miss it).
I'm offering computer parts up for trade in exchange your help.
My list:
IBM GXP60 40gig 7200rpm HDD-perfect
Lite-On 16x10x40 cdr-w drive -perfect
Lite-On model 163 DVD-ROM 16x48x-perfect
PCI SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 sound card-perfect
AGP graphics cards:
ATI Radeon 64ddr w/box,cables,CD's etc.-perfect
Number Nine 8MB SDRAM-recieved in a trade once-never tried it
PCI Graphics cards:
(2) 12MB Voodoo 2 3dfx graphics accellerator+original drivers
-comes with an "SLI" cable so that you can bind these two together for a 24mb card (It works too, I hooked them up to a Packard Bell 166mmx yesterday
ASUS A7V133 socket A motherboard (haven't tried it in 9-10 months, but it worked and I still have the box and everything that came with it (retail version)
(2) ethernet cards, one ovislink, one linksys
56k modem
Oh yeah, I also have a couple of loose but original Saturn games I'll dig out if anyone is interested.

My wants:
I'm starting from ground zero as far as a collection goes, so you name it.
Trades involving systems+games would be great. No new stuff, please.
I'm not even asking for anything rare. I'm trying to get a "starter collection" going first. So if you have extra fairchild/odyssey2/INTV/5200/7800/whatever plus some of your dupes to go with it, and you need some computer hardware-this might be a good deal for you.

Obviously I will have to restrict trade to those with good ref's, since I'll be the newbie sending first.