I did a quick search for "SNES" here on the Tech forum, but I didn't see anything that was particularly pertinent. So, sadly, I need to ask because I'm unsure.

Over the weekend, I purchased a few games from three different locations. Unfortunately, one game, Illusion of Gaia (and the one I most wanted to play), simply will not boot at all, depsite taking apart the cartridge and cleaning it thoroughly. Presuming it was just a bad board, I pulled out FFMP and it booted perfectly well.

The trouble with this game, however, is that anytime I attempt to overwite an existing save file with one of my own, it freezes at the save screen and I cannot input any further commands even though the background music continues to play.

Did I just have terrible luck in buying games this weekend and this is little more than coincidence? I had to do some major cleaning of the SNES itself when I brought it home last week, but it seems to boot my other games. As of right now, I haven't tried to save my game with any of the others.