I got back from Japan a few months ago, and I'm looking to sell some of my extra stuff as I unpack it. I'm starting off with a collection of Super Famicom systesm in varying condition, controllers, AV cables, power bricks, and of course-- games.

I've got about 7 systems to sell right now, some of which are pictured here. Some look brand new and some have some scratching and yellowing, but otherwise work just fine.

The games I'm selling right now (I will add more as I locate and unpack them) are:

Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VI
Dragon Quest V

All the games come in their original box with the manual. I picked them up from a store in Japan and never actually got around to playing them, so they are still shrinkwrapped. They're probably used, but this shop only sold games in like-new condition.

Some of the stuff (sorry for the quality, had to use my cell phone):

Other SFC Compatible items I have to sell that aren't pictured:
- Super Game Boy unit, one loose and one boxed, brand new (To run Game Boy and Game Boy Color games on the SFC. Also colorizes black-and-white/grayscale classic GB Games.)

- Mario Paint with the original mouse and mousepad. I've got the box, too, though it got a little mangled in the move. Otherwise, works great.

Some Notes:
- SFC systems are compatible with any NTSC television in the US, Canada, etc.
- Japanese power is ~100V@50 Hz and standard US power is ~120V@60 Hz. However, the bricks will work perfectly in the US and anywhere with similar power specifications. You can also use US power bricks/AV cables/etc.
- The systems will run SNES games; you just need to make them fit. This can be accomplished by making a small modification to the lid of the system.
- Likewise, the SFC games will work in a US SNES system.
- Each system will come with one controller, but you can always request more.

I've also got some GB games I can bundle with the Super Game Boy if you are interested. Ask and I'll post an inventory of them.

I'm not dead set on any prices, so feel free to make me any reasonable offer and we'll figure something out.

You can contact me in this thread or via PM.

as for payment, I prefer paypal. I will ship from zipcode 08068, if you want to calculate shipping, and I can do USPS Standard, Priority Mail, UPS or Fedex.

Thanks for your interest.