The Video Game Trader Magazine & Price Guide Digital Edition of Issue #11 is now available to read for free. PDF Downloads are also available for $1.99 from (link is below).

What’s inside?

* Vectrex Retrospective: A look at the past and the future of this popular classic system
* Interview with Rob Fulop
* Feature Review: FC Mobile (NES Portable)
* Homebrew Reviews— Rent Wars
* Programming the Game Boy Advance (Part 2)
* And Much more!!!

To read the Digital Edition via Flash, or to download the PDF from Wowio, please visit:

Video Game Trader Magazine and Price Guide is a bi-monthly print magazine devoted to classic and orphaned video games and the systems that play them. Each issue of VGTrader contains reviews, retrospectives, interviews, features, articles and more on your favorite games of yesterday. Each issue also contains the Video Game Trader Price Guide. This guide contains over 6000 prices for games and consoles from the Atari 2600 to Nintendo 64. Digital Editions of each issue become available, generally, two months after the print edition is released.

Our next issue (#13, August/September) is due to be shipped July 2009.

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