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Thread: Metroid Other M is not Metroid Dread -- Dread is real and may some day be released

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    Default Metroid Other M is not Metroid Dread -- Dread is real and may some day be released

    Nintendo: New Metroid Is NOT Metroid Dread

    Longtime Metroid director Yoshio Sakamoto acknowledged that the long-rumored Metroid Dread is real and may some day be released.

    During a Metroid interview yesterday with series director Yoshio Sakamoto and Team Ninja producer Yousuke Hayashi, we slipped in a question that was not about the newly announced Metroid: Other M.

    Well, we thought it might be related.

    For a few years, there have been rumors that Nintendo was working on a new side-scrolling Metroid game called Metroid Dread. There was even an easter egg reference to entities known as "Metroid Dreads" tucked into Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

    So, we wondered, could the long-incubating Metroid: Other M, which we learned was conceived in 2006, be the Dread project?

    "He's very familiar with that [game,]" Sakamoto's translator said after posing our question to him. "No, this is different."

    We pressed for details on what Dread is. Sakamoto's response: "The day may come when Dread hits the stores, but this one is something that's completely different. This is other M."

    So there we have it. We're getting a major new console Metroid game this generation, and the long-rumored Metroid Dread is real, is a totally different game, and just might be released one day.

    I really thought that after Metroid Prime 3: Corruption there would probably not be any new Metroid games for a long time, perhaps not until next generation Nintendo console & handheld systems. I'm glad that's not the case ^__^
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