Hello, everyone.

For some time, I hosted/maintained a website that offered free downloads of Ad Lib music which I, myself had ripped from various PC (DOS) video games. However the music was stored in a special format which required people to actually *have* an Ad Lib compatible sound card (a rarity, these days) or use *gasp* emulation to play back the music. The site eventually closed, because I wanted to offer something that could be more universally accepted and enjoyed.

Today, that has happened. As of today I am proud to present...
The Ad Lib music archive v2 @ adlib.oldergames.com

Each song is recorded using special hardware that connects directly to the YM3812 chip on the Ad Lib sound card, for the absolute highest possible quality. Since the recorded songs are stored in MP3 format, you can enjoy listening to them using your favorite music player -- comfortably reliving the good old days.

In addition to being a nice, little site that will grow as time allows me to record / edit / process / add new soundtracks, its official opening marks the start of the "OlderGames" internet domain being used, under my ownership, as a free tribute site to various aspects of classic gaming in general.

Thanks for your attention and interest, everyone. Enjoy the site and have a nice day.