I paid $1400 for the Atomisave (got lucky)- but chances are it is the cheapest you'll find (shipping is 2-400$- much less something you can find in person). The monitor cost me just shy of $400 when I purchased it (CA tax + recycling fee didn't help).

****AWSD ATOMISWAVE SIT DOWN JAPANESE IMPORT CANDY CAB $1300 takes it. Minty, works great.

Zero burn, superb condition AWSD candy cabinet. Really great example of a machine here. I hate having to sell this- but money is somewhat of an issue and I don't want to have to dip into my pcbs for funds. Works great with everything I have thrown at it (minus an SNK rotary game- time soldiers- it needed to be 're centered' on the screen but seemed to be fine afterwards). I doubt you can find a cab too much cleaner than this. 1player AWSD panel, possibly the topper/marquee (if I can find it), possibly a print out of the manual (I had both of these items at one time). Currently is running a Rayforce (low res/not included) and looks very nice! This is one of the better models.

No pic hunters, please. I'd really prefer not to ship, and I know that I've described these to a T. If you're serious- I can snap some pics- but please do be serious

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****24" HD LG MONITOR. 16:9 LG-W2453V-PF

FS 24" 1080p 2ms 16:9 LG Monitor (vga/dvi/hdmi) Like new!
$260 shipped w/ Paypal Gift or money order. (shipping insurance will be extra/up to the buyer. The more I think about it- the more I don't like the idea of shipping it (though I'd imagine everything will be fine).

Used for about 2-3 weeks max. Works WONDERFULLY (no dead/stuck pixels at all). Will ship in original box with all original materials. Times are tough- I'm using my laptop primarily now- going to get rid of anything extra lying around. Local pickup preferred!

It's this one:

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Logitech Z5500 DIgital THX 5.1 System (complete) $175 local PO

Used for a little bit. All speakers and sub work perfect, as does the control unit, remote. 100% operational. Everything looks good-> mint. I want $175 cash local pick up.

Check that out. Even used prices (which most likely do not include shipping) are close to $200. This price is insane for a system of this caliber. I'm pretty firm on $175. I would rather not ship unless you pay with some form of hard payment (cash, cashiers check, money order) and cover packing/shipping costs (which most likely will be -rough guess- $60+ at UPS?).

The following link is the same speakers as the ones I am selling- check out the prices (browse around!). Look here on Craigslist and on eBay (completed auctions and current ones!)- you won't find a set in the same great shape for as good of a price at all!
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29" Tri Sync CRT (Flat screen) arcade monitor. NIB Sanwa PFX. $250 local
PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2009 9:10 pm

I'd imagine this is an insane (in a good way) price. I dare you to find a monitor (new) with a name brand like Sanwa for even CLOSE to this price. It's a Tri-Sync. I know of several people that have used these in Blasts and New Astros with minor work + adjustments. This one has been tested- powers up, gets picture (xbox 360 looks GREAT . Put back in box. Never used above and beyond that.

This is a 29" JPN, 27" US (great replacement for Astros, Blasts, Egret 2/3s, Atomiswave). US measures inside the shadow mask, Japan measures the full face. This monitor should fit dozens of US spec machines as well!

$250 cash, local pick up.

Vacaville 95688.