Due to unexpected bills I need to sell some things. Check it out!

excuse the crappy cell pic

SF4 TE arcade stick for 360. Pretty much new, and I hate to sell it because I put some work into this thing I slapped some custom art on it and got one of the plexiglass overlays from here. An $18 dollar value! I also spray painted the bezel yellow. All of the buttons and the stick are the stock parts on the TE. If you want to change the art its easy, I didn't glue anything down. I'll also include the default art sheet that came with it in case you really want it back to normal. Has original box.

Asking $120 shipped OBO for it.

Rock Band 2 bundle for the Xbox 360. Used a bit but still works like new. The mic hasn't even been unwrapped! It comes with the original box which I didn't take a pic of.

edit: make an offer on the price

I take Paypal only!

Thanks for looking.