So I just got new slim a few weeks ago. Really just bought it for the blu-ray and media streaming capabilities since I've already got a 360 for gaming and none of the exclusive PS3 titles really get me excited.

Anyway, after setting everything up, I can only get a handful of videos & mp3's to play so far. I didn't think streaming would be that difficult since I have no problems doing it on my 360. But almost everything I throw at the PS3 though has problems playing. Lots of error messages saying the file is corrupt or that it's not a valid file type. All of my movie/mp3 folders can be viewed but there's nothing inside when I select them. And most of the videos that I actually can get to play have stuttering problems.

All these videos and mp3's play fine on my 360, so I can't figure out what's wrong. I'm using MediaLink and PS3 Media Server to stream. Do they have to be organized a certain way like on the PSP? I tried google'ing for some answers but couldn't find anything.