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Thread: Any Value In Some Apple II Documents / Boxes?

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    Default Any Value In Some Apple II Documents / Boxes?

    With the big honking box for my newly acquired Vectrex now taking up space in my apartment, I decided it was a good time to make a little room here and there. This usually means reorganizing things to make better use of available space and whatnot. One of these reworks was to move all of my Apple II diskettes to a new storage container from the shoebox they were in before. When I picked up my IIe a couple months ago the shoebox of software came with it as well as a bunch of manuals and a single boxed game. I really have no need for this stuff and was curious if there's any value there.

    The items are as follows...

    Flight Simulator II - box (crushed), Flight Physics & Aircraft Control Handbook, flight maps (x2, different), flight reference card, Pilot's Operating Handbook & Airplane Flight Manual. Docs all in good shape, some underlining in the handbooks.

    AD&D Champions of Krynn - Clue Book (one page looks like it had some paint or epoxy leak onto it, glazing it).

    AD&D Champions of Krynn - Adventurer's Journal (great shape, tiny bit of writing on back cover and journal entries checked off with pencil).

    Autoduel - Autoduel Manual & New Driver's Guide (map drawn in pencil inside cover), Autoduel Player Reference Card.

    Star Trek The Kobayashi Alternative - Hardcover manual (I'm guessing this is actually the game's box as well) with the little introduction pamphlet as well.

    Again, just curious as I really don't need / want these docs. If anyone wants to trade them all for a complete set of Apple II Tass Times In Tonetown docs I'd be down for that, it's really the only Apple II game I'd like to have complete.

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    I think we only ever had a few games that actually came with the boxes/manuals with our //c way back when. Probably because most of our programs were copies.

    But "Toy Shop" was complete. It had to be so you could make the stuff.

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    You might just have something there - simply because of the existence of collectors of AD&D stuff and Star Trek stuff. Autoduel and old flight sims also have their rabid fans, as I recall.

    I wouldn't think any one item would be worth more than $10, though. Only way to find out would be to go for eBay.
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