i know this doesnt belong here, but its a pretty niche items that only someone here be interested and would just be drowned in b&s.

i have some extra parts of Ultima IX dragon edition. i have my own personal complete copy already, but have some extras

if anyone wants them let me know, (i may wanna keep the map, but) we can trade for other ultima extra from other games you may have or some other pc rpg stuff (we can talk about it):

key refrence guide, a rather large (size of a keyboard, but not an overlay) piece of thick paper/cartboard with an absolutely beautiful Hildebrandt artwork on the backside of the avatar and his various deeds. great condition

cloth map - perfect condition

both faux leather game books (one journal which is the playguide and one spellbook) almost perfect condition, one has some scuffs on the cover you may be able to just water off

install guides for ultima IX and ultima collection - perfect condition

the 8 tarot cards - perfect condition.

avatar poster - pretty bad condition, no tears but many creases down the whole height of the poster about an inch off center to the right.