Hey all... I got the following items up for sale, and thought maybe someone on this board would take an interest in it.

A Sega Saturn with two controllers and the AV/AC hook-ups. Pretty good condition, but the battery is without a doubt dead and needs replacement (aren't all Saturns that way though)

X-Men: Children of the Atom: complete
Earthworm Jim 2: complete
Three Dirty Dwarves: complete
Darius Gaiden: complete
Street Fighter Alpha: complete
Crusader No Remorse: complete
Night Warrior: includes case, disk, and front page of the manual
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: complete
Dark Savoir: complete (import)
All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtual Fighter: complete (import)

All games would run at $8 a piece or OBO.

If you wish to make an offer on one of them, just PM me.

For the system, shoot me your offer, and we'll discuss shipment due to the extra weight of the system.