A buddy of mine is moved to Austin and handed down the remainder of his PS1 collection. I happen to have all of them and I would like to trade/sell them off.

Want to buy? Make an offer through PM.
Want to trade for? I'm looking for PS1/PS2 RPGs, and a handful of other goodies. I'll gladly check tradelists (even if on other sites, as long as I don't have to sign up.)

I am on GameTZ as Vapor. http://gametz.com/user/Vapor.html


Chrono Cross / Greatest Hits / Complete
Final Fantasy IX / Not Greatest Hits / Complete
Final Fantasy Origins / Not Greatest Hits / Complete
Final Fantasy Tactics / Not Greatest Hits / Disc and manual only
Front Mission 3 / Disc only
The Legend of Dragoon / Not Greatest Hits / Disc 4 seems damaged (willing to split up if someone needs pieces of it)
Legend of Legaia / Complete
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete/ Discs and back insert
Star Ocean: The Second Story / Complete

other oddities
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue demo CD that came with Vanguard Bandits
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue soundtrack sleeve (no soundtrack, also houses above demo CD)

Some other, not-so-RPG PS1 games (All complete))

Gex in Enter the Gecko
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko
Omega Boost
Phix: The Adventure
Star Trek: Invasion
Spec Ops: Ranger Elite
Syphon Filter