Final Fantasy is near mint, discs have a bit of wear on the bottoms. Most would call it "good," I would say "fair" since I'm picky.

They work perfect.

I know what the outrageous ebay price is, but I'd be happy with $40 + shipping.

I've also got a perfect, complete (both manuals), mint black label Gran Turismo 1, a minty complete Ridge Racer Type IV, and sealed black label copies of GT3 and 4.

Pretty common, but I know copies in "picky-person" condition are always tough to find, since most have been through the ringer several times over by now. Open to fair offers...consideration given to those who want em all, a.k.a. I'll cut you a good deal so I don't have to run all over town 4 times to ship everything.

not on here a ton, so feel free to email me - adam AT waxfang DOT net