Hi everyone,
I'm a customer of the Clifton store. I dwell in Hawthorne. IT/web design by day, aspiring indie game designer by night. Just wanted to share that a free version of my game is now out. Touch Attack FREE+

Touch Attack FREE+ is a collection of retro-style mini games that'll test your reflexes and push your memorization skills to the limit. The gameplay is fast paced, the music is rockin', and the replay value and level of customization truly set this game apart from any other of its genre.

You'll win in-game tickets that can be traded-in to unlock additional themes, sound effects, music tracks, and last but not least, a third game (Match Attack).

(My friend and I went through many efforts to make the game superbly polished, have long replay value and most of all, free to play in this newest version. Please support our future indie game development projects through the "ticket upgrade" feature inside the game.)

Cheers! ... And I hope you enjoy the game.