I have the following NES games, all tested and working. All are just the carts, unless otherwise noted:

- Impossible Mission II
- Crystal Mines (w/ manual)
- Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land
- King of Kings: The Early Years
- Pyramid
- Dudes with Attitude
- Roadrunner (from Tengen)
- AfterBurner (from Tengen)
- Fire Hawk

Some notable things about them .. the Color Dreams / Wisdom Tree titles have a note reading "Wait up to 9 flashes on TV screen, always wait 7 seconds between power off and on". They also have seals of Biblical Accuracy. The Fire Hawk cartridge has a switch on the back, with 2 settings, A and B. The game only works in the A setting.

Please PM me, or contact me on AIM at Epicenter713, or by e-mail at epicenter@adelphia.net. Name a price, I'm willing to negotiate (or even trade!) Thanks!

-- Epicenter