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    Default FT: Huge Manual/Box Trade list

    NOTE: Not for sale, only for trades! thanks

    Since Orphange thread is not working out for me Im listing
    part of my want list here, these are the ones I need most
    and you can check my HAVE LIST here for trades:

    PM me if you want to sell or trade for the items i need. thanks

    Need these in excellent condition,
    I might add more later on:


    Miracle Warriors - MAP (mine has writing on it)


    Phantasy Star Collection - Manual


    Mega Man X 2 - Manual


    Alundra - Fold out Map
    Dragon Warrior VII - Manual
    Dragon Warrior VII - Inserts
    Legend of Legaia - Manual
    Legend of Legaia - Inserts
    Legend of Mana - Manual
    Persona Revelations - Manual
    Tactics Ogre - Manual
    Tales of Destiny - Manual
    Thousand Arms - Manual
    Valkyrie Profile - Manual
    Valkyrie Profile - Inserts

    -SEGA CD

    Snatcher - Manual x2
    Snatcher - Insert


    Albert's Odyssey - Insert
    Albert's Odyssey - Manual
    Dragon Force - Insert x2
    Dragon Force - Manual x3
    Panzer Dragoon Saga - Insert x3
    Panzer Dragoon Saga - Manual x3
    Radiant Silvergun - Insert
    Radiant Silvergun - Manual


    Shockman - Manual
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