To see what I'm talking about please look here:

Sorry about the picture quality but if you've played the games I'm sure you'll see the problem right away.

Ok, for some reason the graphics on the colecovision are distorted. The picture is pretty darn clear and I've swapped the RF cord which goes from the coleco to a female type f coaxial RCA adapter which goes right into the VCR so that isn't the problem.

I tried cleaning the contacts on the coleco as well as the games with some isopropyl alcohol on a qtip. I also tried using compressed air on the console. Jiggling the RF cable was also suggested but that didn't do anything.

The odd thing is that on the odd occassion the game will work perfectly fine but more often then not kicks back to distortion after a short bit. Also at times when turning the console on with a game in there will be a black screen. Other times there will be a high pitch tone playing when the Colecovision introduction of the game is on the screen but not while the game is actually playing.

So, anyone have any ideas as to what the problem may be or how to fix it?