OK, tonight was the night I planned on finally doing the 5200 A/V mod I've meant to do for a very long time now.

I'm stumped on something really simple, though.

I plan on using the mod described in the 5200 FAQ, found at both Atari Age and AtariHQ. ( http://www.atarihq.com/5200/5200faq/04_13.html ) Near the left side of the diagram, where the 4 Lumas and the Sync connect to the rest of the circuit, are the vertical wire & the horizontal wire supposed to be connected to each other, or do they just cross in the picture, but are supposed to be separate wires? I'm talking about the line that starts with '9.1k'. To the right of that a little bit, the wire running vertically crosses the wire going into the transistor. Should those wires be connected, or not?

               4.7K      |  |         ___/-------`
  Luma 3 ---/\/\/-----|  |    Q /|/c\
               9.1K      |--|------(b|   )                    RCA jack
  Luma 2 ---/\/\/-----|  |       \|\e/          75         __
               18K       |  |             \-----,---/\/\/-----O__ LUMA
  Luma 1 ---/\/\/-----|  |  2K             |             |         OUTPUT
               36K       |  `-/\/\/----/\/\/--`         GND \/
  Luma 0 ---/\/\/-----`          |    75
                              GND \/
Anybody know?