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Thread: Games needed for Youth Group and to fill out my snes/n64 collection Trade List inside

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    Default Games needed for Youth Group and to fill out my snes/n64 collection Trade List inside

    Hey guys, i have a youth group a friend and I work with that we offer them good old school game systems and games if they turn in their games that are not games they should be playing (like violent, bloody games, etc...). I am getting a little low on games/systems to have for them, so I am looking for some help for cheaper systems and some cheap good games.

    Stuff for Youth Group:

    Could use a saturn, nes, snes system.
    Definately need games for nes, genesis, snes, n64, carts only, torn labels, writing on them are fine, they want the stuff to play doesn't have to look nice.
    My stipulation is that we want to have fun games that do not have bad language, blood, excessive violence (star wars and stuff like that is cool, comic book heroes are great). Most of these kids are 11 to 15.

    I also am going to fill in a few holes for some games that I want to fill out in my collection also:

    Nintendo 64 (would love boxed, but will take cart only also)

    Asteroids Hyper 64

    Bomberman 64

    Bomberman Hero

    Dr Mario 64

    Earthworm Jim 3D

    Excitebike 64

    Lode Runner 3D

    Mario Golf

    Mario Tennis

    Mario Party (any one of them)

    Mega Man 64

    Mischief Makers

    New Tetris

    Rampage (both of them)

    Sin & Punishment

    Space Invaders

    Worms Armageddon


    Aero Fighters

    Kirby Superstar

    Kirby Dreamland 3

    Mega Man 7

    Mega Man X3

    Space Megaforce

    Super Bomberman

    Super Bomberman 2

    Here is what I have for trade:

    Harvest Moon 64 cart only

    Marvel vs Capcom PS3 Tournament Edition Fightstick complete in box like new

    Govellius SMS complete

    Return Fire PS1 longbox complete, case is rough shape though

    Dragon Quest Repro's for SNES, all in generic snes cartridges, but i have hte SFC games complete in box that i can put them all in. V, I & II, and III (III doesn't want to play on my snes, but plays fine on fc twin and fc go, have no clue why)

    Pro Wrestling Black Box complete (nice shape, not mint but nice)

    Legend of Zelda collector's edition box, manual, but gold cart

    Pieces cart only

    Advanced Guardian Heroes GBA complete

    Electroplankton complete

    Allied General complete

    Happ Competition Pro NES controller complete in box and great shape

    Generation NEX Messiah Wireless SNES controllers in lunchbox tin with receivers

    Allied General PS1 complete

    Eternal Sonata PS3 complete

    Star Wars Force Unleashed PS3 Factory Sealed

    Mario Kart 64 cart only

    Tekken 4 and Tag Team Tournament PS2 complete

    GI Joe Season 1 Rhino DVD boxset

    Disney DVD"s: Lion King Platinum, Lion King 1 1/2, Sleeping Beauty, Return to Neverland

    I can also buy depending on price and what funds i have available.
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    I have Mega Man 7 and Super Bomberman 2 boxed (no manual). Send a good cash offer and they're yours.

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    Will you take a Genesis system & games for $30 (negotiable) shipped?

    Ms Pac Man
    Castle of Illusion
    Sportstalk Baseball
    WS Baseball 96
    Mario Andretti Racing
    NHL 96

    EDIT: despite what the OP said, was told Genesis & games are not needed

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