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Thread: GBC Archive?

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    Default GBC Archive?

    Lookin for a GOOD Gameboy/Gameboy Color Rom Archive
    if you can help please let me know
    To Come....

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    I thought about posting: Why can't I find
    To you and anyone else who is curios. This is the reason, no joke.
    Big gaming companies such as Nintendo, SEGA, Microsoft and Sony
    have people on there staff who do nothing but search the net for
    there companies roms. If they find a site that has them (ones I
    believe they wish to protect such as GBA roms) they will send
    an email telling them to depost them if the site owner doesn't
    they will sue there asses off. I read once Nintendo sued a site
    owner for a $1,000,000 for breach of copyright.

    So I suggest to anyone who is looking I will give you these
    search tips.STAY AWAY FROM THE 1,2,3 SITES The times I been
    on them I got a virus from 1 of them Spyware from the rest.
    For the rest of what any search engine will find for you BE CAREFUL
    and that is not an understatement. A good virus program is a must
    and a good cookie and spyware blocker such as Spy Sweeper is a must

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