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Thread: I have a question about a Playstation Store Display

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    Default I have a question about a Playstation Store Display

    While driving in the back of a local outlet center, i seen a ps2 cabinet on the ground, i turned it over to find there were no shelves inside, but on both sides of the cabinet there were large playstation logo's as well as one on the bottom of the cabinet. it was a wooden black cabinet, no glass, just a simple cabinet that once held the metal things that are used to "cling" onlt to back of this thing to hold games for store display.
    Now i must decide it if it is worth all the trouble of bringing this thing home, its seems like its in fairly good condidtion, and im sure i can get some wire shelves to cling onto the many holes in the back of the cabinet. do you think this is worth anything? is it a lucky find? i can go back tonight and try and pick it up if its still there, thanks.

    During your nap Aeris will call for you, now you awake and head for the
    center part of the Ancient city. When you reach the center take the spiral
    staircase up to fine the COMET MATERIA which will most likely come in handy.
    When you reach the very center of the city Cloud will stop the team members
    and he'll take a look at what's going on. He then tries to kill Aeris, but
    the team stops him just in time. If your wondering whats taking so long when
    Cloud holds his sowrd and does nothing its because you haven't hit the O
    button. Just hit the O button when Cloud is about to kill Aeris.

    Sephiroth can't force you to kill Aeris himself so he comes and finishes his
    dirty work. Yes, Aeris(one of the main characters, like Tellah the Sage in
    Final Fantasy 4 or General Leo in Final Fantasy 6, you can't bring them back
    to life with the exception of General Leo, not with a code or game shark) is
    dead. Yes I was in shock too but not in tears(because I can take it *sweats
    in profusion*) and Sephiroth flies away(how did he learn to fly?) and leaves
    you with Jenova-Life for you to deal with. Remember you had the WATER RING
    earlier? Well this is the time to equip it, all of Jenova's attacks will heal
    BOSS: JENOVA HP: 10,000 Item: Wizard Braclet
    Like I said before its an excellent idea to equip the WATER RING to turn all
    Jenova's attacks into healing purposes. If you want to make it a quick fight
    use TITAN MATERIA or QUAKE2 or QUAKE3 depending on your levels, BAHAMUT is
    also a good idea and so is using COMET. If you have the ENEMY SKILL MATERIA
    you can learn AQUALUNG from this ugly monster, but if you don't, then don't
    worry cause you'll have plenty of chances to learn it later. Its attacks are
    very strong and can knock out any party member with one or tow rounds. Just
    wait after your party members have been wounded and let Jenova heal you until
    her skill has run out. Now you can bring back your party members to life and
    heal them and take out Jenova. That way you won't lose the expierience or
    ability points because the expierience and ability points from your dead
    party members will not be transfered to you like previous Final Fantasy games
    which is a big minus in the game. Overall you should have no trouble thanks
    to the WATER RING.

    After the easy battle you will pay your final respects to Aeris as they lay
    her body in the waters in the city as she sinks back to the Earth. Now is no
    time to grieve, she didn't even budge when Sephiroth was near and she did it
    for a reason. She was praying for the ultimate WHITE MATERIA to counter the
    ultimate BLACK MATERIA which is HOLY. Remember in those Final Fantasy games
    for the Super Nintendo when you had possesion of both HOLY and METEO? Well
    never mind. The HOLY MATERIA fell into the water but the team didn't know
    what to do with it. Yes I know your angry and so was I, but Aeris doesn't
    want you to greive, she wants you to take back the BLACK MATERIA before
    Sephiroth summons it, now go head for the Correl Valley cave, you know the
    place you couldn't go to earlier? And don't forget to flip to your second CD.

    ---------------------------------[ DISC 2 ]----------------------------------

    ================================================== ===========================
    Items: Hero Drink, X-Potion, Vaccine, Turbo Ether
    Materia: None
    Party's level: 23
    Party: Cloud and whomever
    ================================================== ===========================

    Here your welcomed to explore the town cause there are serveral free items
    like a HERO DRINK, VACCINE, TURBO ETHER, and an X-POTION. Now go to the back
    of town and the resident stops you, now Elena comes in and she's furious
    about what happened to Tseng, now you are given the choice to either dodge
    her punch by pressing right or left and she'll roll down Icicle Inn or you do
    nothing and let Elena hit you in the stomach and you faint. She even wonders
    why you didn't try to dodge her punch. When you wake up you'll be in Ifalno's
    house or more likely Aeris' mother house.

    You can check the equipment to learn more about Aeris' mother and the Cetra
    or the called the Ancients. Now you'll need some supplies and a map of Great
    Glacier if you ever hope to find your way around. First ask the kid you met
    earlier about the snowboard and he'll let you borrow it. Now head for the
    right most house in Icicle Inn and inspect the map that is in the center of
    the house and take it. Now revisit the guy at the back of town who wouldn't
    let you through earlier and he'll let you through now that you have some

    ================================================== ===========================
    Items: Poison, Mind Source, Elixir, Safety Bit
    Materia: Alexander
    Party's level: 23
    Party: Cloud and whomever
    ================================================== ===========================

    Well here this is very linear and very fun. When you encounter a fork in the
    road it doesn't matter which path you take because your basically going to
    the same place just taking a different route. This place is very complicated
    and will often confuse you. The only item of importance is the ALEXANDER
    MATERIA. The other non-important item includes a MIND SOURCE, POISON MATERIA,
    SAFETY BIT, ELIXIR, and an ALL MATERIA. Basically you can wait until you pass
    out from the cold and Mr.Holzoff will rescue you and you can rest and save at
    his house anytime you want. Coincidentaly his house is right in front of your
    destination, the Gaea Cliffs. But if you want the ALEXANDER SUMMON MATERIA,
    follow these instructions:

    1) Just battle a few times and wait until you faint.
    2) Now when you arrive at Mr.Holzoff's house go outside.
    3) Now return to great glacier and go right.
    4) Just remember that the wind blows you off course so when the wind
    blows stop and wait until the wind dies down and continue going right.
    5) Just make it past through the linear course until you see some cliffs.
    6) Keep going right until you see your path stop and until you see three
    different paths in front of you, take the most upper right handed path.
    7) You'll encounter another linear area just keep going.
    8) Now take the cave in the upperright hand corner and enter it.

    When you enter this cave make sure you have touched the Hot Springs you saw
    earlier or else you can't intiate a fight.
    Okay this isn't exactly a boss, but it does play the boss music so I count it
    as a BOSS, but it has low HP and your party should have no trouble with it
    whatsoever. FIRE2 or FIRE3 should make quick work of her, infact you should
    only need to cast it once, most likely.

    Now all you can do is just wait and faint until you arrive at Mr.Holzoff's
    house and continue north towards the Gaea Cliffs. Make sure to rest and save
    before heading on.

    ================================================== ===========================
    Items: Fire Armlet, Javelin, Speed Source, Megalixir, Enhance Sword, Elixir
    Materia: None
    Party's level: 25
    Party: Cloud and whomever
    ================================================== ===========================

    This part is very linear, so just climb up until you reach a cave but at each
    ledge hit the "square" button to warm Cloud up so that his temperature is at
    37 degrees but don't let it fall below 28 degrees or you'll wind up at
    Mr.Holzoff's place again forcing you to start over from the beginning. When
    you reach the cave just continue to walk and into the next room. If you
    encounter a Stilva and you have the ENEMY SKILL MATERIA equipped then you can
    learn MAGIC BREATH which is a very powerful ENEMY SKILL. All you need to do
    now is go to the left room and that's it.

    When you enter it you'll come across a bridge over the entrance of the cave,
    go straight and pick up an ELIXIR(I'm not sure if it was an elixir) it should
    be behind the wall and into the hidden room straight ahead. Now return out of
    the secret room and stop just in front of the entrance to the secret room and
    go up and walk around another bridge and into the next area, but don't foget
    to pick up the JAVELIN for Cid just near the bridge in a blue treasure chest.
    Now go straight into the next room and you should reappear at the top of the
    room on a small ledge with a boulder in front. Push the boulder over and
    watch it carefully to see what it knocks over. Remember where you couldn't
    get through earlier because of the ice? Well return there and go through that

    Now keep going through these paths until you reach a room with two doors and
    a treasure chest on the top left corner that's inaccessible for now. Just
    head right and in the next room you'll encounter some giant icicles that
    stand in your way, and for some reason they fight back. All you have to do is
    destroy the Icicles with a regular DEMI spell that costs just fourteen MP's.
    Ignore the Evilheads because they are hard to hit and will distract you from
    the real target. Destroy the Icicle and the Evilheads go with it. Just do
    this four times and reach the treasure chest at the end of the walkway and
    including the one near the entrance and fall down below. And enter the room
    with icicle platforms in front of the door.

    When you reach the other side of the mountain collect the ENHANCE SOWRD that
    sits right in front of your face in a yellow treasure box and continue until
    you reach the outside of the mountain and climb again and don't forget to hit
    the "square" button to keep Cloud's temperature above 37 degrees Celcius. Now
    when you reach inside you'll see a save point, first gain a level or two and
    have the party touch the hot springs to recover HP and MP and equip yourself
    with Materia combinations in your armor that protects against FIRE and ICE
    and QUAKE. I suggest having your MATERIA with FIRE3 and ICE3 before moving on
    because this next battle will be extremely tough. Now save your game and
    enter the next room when ready. When you enter the hallway an Old Sage is
    defeated and now you are forced to fight Schizo.
    BOSS: Schizo HP: 36,000 Item: Dragon Fang
    This boss fight is one of the toughest you'll ever encounter. They constantly
    attack with hard hitting spells like FIRE2 or FIRE3 or ICE2 or ICE3. Use FIRE3
    on the right side and ICE3 on the left side. Don't use KJATA because you'll be
    healing them both and don't use IFRIT or SHIVA because you'll cause damage to
    one side but recover another side. And if you learned MAGIC BREATH don't use it
    here. REGEN is an excellent way to start things off as HASTE will to. If you
    don't have those high fire and ice spells yet use QUAKE3 or
    LIGHTNING3 or RAMUH, or BAHAMUT or COMET. Just use hard hitting non-ice or
    fire spells but having ICE3 and FIRE3 would be alot easier to manage. When
    one of the heads are defeated it will cast QUAKE3 causing about 800-1200 HP
    of damage, and yes they can cast it serveral times before they are defeated.
    You'll know one of the heads is defeated when the defeated side's head
    slouches down. Yes all you get is a DRGAON FANG which is a very cheap item
    since it just cast LIT3 on all opponents and wasted after one use.

    When your done save the game and rest before heading on. Now leave the cliffs
    through the path of the defeated Schizo and climb up the mountain to reach
    the sunken crater.

    ================================================== ===========================
    Items: Poison Ring, Ether, Hi-Potion, Kaiser Knuckle
    Materia: Neo Bahamut, MP Turbo Materia
    Party's level: 29
    Party: Cloud and whomever
    ================================================== ===========================

    Now just go down the crator until you've reach a save spot. Now save and make
    sure to pick up and equip the NEO BAHAMUT MATERIA that's just right in front
    of the save point. When your done continue towards the center of the crater
    and watch for the green wind and only cross it when the green wind calms down
    when you enter it while its moving then your bumped back and forced into a
    fight. Make sure to check the fallen Old sages for some items. In the next
    are is pretty straight foward(linear, if you didn't know what linear meant)
    just make sure to pick up a KAISER KNUCKLE for Tifa and check the Old Sages
    for some items. The next part is the same as before, just enter when the wind
    is calm or you will be forced into a fight. In the next path don't forget to
    collect the POISON RING and the MP TURBO MATERIA.

    Now equip the FIRE RING and keep the the materia you had earlier in your
    armor that protects against FIRE and have your most heavy magic user with a
    RIBBON to protect you from Silence. When you reach the next area you will
    encounter Sephiroth but you won't get the chance to fight him instead he has
    left a dirty surprise for you.
    BOSS: Jenova Death HP: 25,000 Item: Reflect Ring
    Basically this enemy is pretty easy and using your CHOCO/MOG SUMMON MATERIA
    should paralyze it. You can use SLOW but its not necessary, REGEN is an
    excellent way to start off again so you won't have to restore some HP during
    battle until REGEN wears off. When Jenova Death uses silence on the team have
    your RIBBON equipped party member use ESUNA or have your effected party
    members use an ECHO SCREEN or a REMEDY.

    Afterwards give the BLACK MATERIA to either party member in your present
    group. Now continue on but if your HP is low keep your party healed. You'll
    flash through a series of past images you saw earlier that you saw in Kalm.
    When you approach the green barriers these barriers will not dicipate
    themselves so you need to dodge the green waves and lightning bolts. Continue
    on until you have reached the crater core.

    Cloud will begin to see images of Zack and he laughs at them, but why is Tifa
    so sad? Shinra will now come into the picture and whoever is carrying the
    BLACK MATERIA will get a visit from Tifa and asks you to go to the center of
    the crater. It was not Tifa but Sephiroth all along. Now the character
    holding the BLACK MATERIA gives the BLACK MATERIA to Cloud and in turn gives
    the BLACK MATERIA to Sephiroth. Now the defenders of the Earth are awakened
    which are more obviously called WEAPONs. There are four WEAPONs and Sephiroth
    has control of all four. These are very powerful creatures but you only have
    to destroy one of them. The team escapes in the airship but to no avail.

    ================================================== ===========================
    Items: None
    Materia: None
    Party's level: 30
    Party: Tifa, Barret
    ================================================== ===========================

    A week later Tifa is locked up in a cell with Barret as they are about to be
    publically executed on national television. The crater is now in a protective
    magic barrier, the WEAPONs are running amock, and METEOR the spell the team
    was suppose to stop has been summoned. All hope of ever stopping Sephiroth
    has been killed. After you've seen a few scenes a guard comes in and escort
    you to your deaths. Barret is furious that Tifa is the first to die, but that
    doesn't matter. She is now strapped to the sides of the gas chamber chair but
    apparently the guard has dropped the key and does not even know it. Before
    the switch to the gas chamber is released Shinra soldiers begin to fire on
    the EMERALD WEAPON and during the distraction Cait Sith reveals himself and
    frees Barret. The two try to open the gas chamber door but it won't open. Now
    talk to Cait Sith and look for the control room to shut off the gas chamber.
    Now Scarlet locks the room and Cait Sith tells Barret to go to the airport.
    Now the scene switches back to Tifa's scenario and she has the chance to free
    herself. First have Tifa use her legs(X button) twice to reach for the keys.
    Now have have her sit up by hitting the "triangle" button. Now hit the
    "triangle" and "X" button simultaneously together to put the key in her
    mouth. Hit the "O" and "triangle" button simultaneously together to unlock
    her arms. Now hit the switch to the left of the chair to shut off the gas
    chamber. She can't open the door now so you switch to the next scenario.

    The Shinra soldiers try effortlessly to stop the EMERALD WEAPON but to no
    avail. The Weapon fires a giant beam into the gas chamber blowing a hole in
    the wall. Junon responds by unleashing their super cannon which sends off a
    huge blast that sends the EMERALD WEAPON back into the water. Now climb out
    of the gas chamber down the long side of the building and down the super
    cannon and you will meet Scarlet. She'll slap you first but you will have the
    chance to slap her back so hit that "O" button to slap back. It doesn't
    matter if you win or lose, its just the fun part of the game. (^_^)

    If you want to win just hit the "O" button right before Scarlet gets a chance
    to slap back. Afterwards Tifa runs down the super cannon and into the new
    airship, the Highwind. Well I guess Cait Sith number two has better fortune
    telling skills than the first one. Now you must find Cloud. Talk to everyone
    on board and head out, but you can stop in the operations room to REST, SAVE,
    and to use the PHS. Now go back to Icicle INN and talk to everybody for some
    information about Cloud's dissapperance. They mention about a doctor to the
    south. Head for Mideel an Island south of the Chocobo Ranch.

    ================================================== ===========================
    Items: Elixir
    Materia: Contain Materia
    Party's level: 32
    Party: Whomever
    ================================================== ===========================

    When you reach the town pet the small puppy and Tifa will over hear the two
    guys talking about a spikey haired guy washing up on shore. It's obviously
    Cloud and now Tifa decides to stay with Cloud. Apparently Cloud has been
    flooded with Mako poisoning. Cait Sith talks about how Nibelheim was already
    raided and Shinra's next stop is North Corel. But who's the new leader? Well
    they picked Cid in the middle of his nap! Now head out and go back to North

    ================================================== ===========================
    Items: None
    Materia: Huge Materia
    Party's level: 32
    Party: Cid and whomever
    ================================================== ===========================

    When you reach North Corel, nothing has changed not even the enemies. When
    the team reaches the center they can't do a thing but watch the Shinra train
    leave, now Cid has to steal one of the trains. Once Cid catches up with the
    train they must fight an enemy on each car, but the fights are easy.

    When you encounter the Wolfmeister hit it with everything you've got because
    it has 10,000 HP and you have no time to lose since you must stop the train
    in ten minutes. The Wolfmeister gives away 10,000 expierience points though!
    When you reach the front of the train you must fight two Attack Squads which
    is a pretty easy battle. Now with the guards gone you must stop the train
    before it colides with North Corel. Just hit the control pad up and down
    continously and the "Triangle" and "X" button continously to stop the train.
    If you don't manage to stop the train you not only lose the HUGE MATERIA but
    you have to pay 50,000 Gil if you want the ULTIMA MATERIA! Don't worry you
    won't have to start over. If you do save the town you get the HUGE MATERIA
    nad the ULTIMA MATERIA for free. Now go outside and save. Now head for Fort
    Condor just south of the Mithril Mines from way back in the game.

    ================================================== ===========================
    Items: None
    Materia: Pheonix, Huge Materia
    Party's level: 33
    Party: Cid and whomever
    ================================================== ===========================

    When you reach here talk to the guy at the top and he'll ask you to pay for
    some troops to defend against Shinra. You really don't need to purchase any
    soldiers. When your in the strategy game just let the soldiers come to you
    and you'll be forced to fight the Enemy Commander.
    Hit this boss with everything you've got, he isn't even that hard anyways.
    Use Neo Bahamut and Comet...he won't survive many hits from
    comet...especially Comet2. Have Yuffie or Cait Sith be the healers and have
    Cid and Barret attack as normal.

    After the battle the Condor is killed but the Baby PHEONIX lives in an egg.
    Go outside and check the egg to recive the PHEONIX SUMMON MATERIA. Now go
    downstairs and talk to the guy who has his head on the table. He will give
    you the second HUGE MATERIA. Now head back to Mideel.

    ================================================== ===========================
    Items: None
    Materia: None
    Party's level: 35
    Party: Cid and whomever
    ================================================== ===========================

    Now when you return to Mideel make sure to save it outside. When you enter
    the town ULTIMATE WEAPON arrives after you have talked to Tifa. Cid trash
    talks the heck out of Ulimate Weapon, that's not a good idea. >_<
    Basically just keep hammering away at this guy. But first keep an MBARRIER up
    to cut down the damage of ULTIMATE WEAPON's attacks. If you don't you'll be
    eating 1500 HP of damage to every character and don't forget to cast REGEN.
    Having Regen on in this battle will definitely help since it makes it almost
    impossible for this guy to kill you. Magic spells like Ultima or Comet2 will
    definitely be a benefactor to the party in the battle. Attack and keep your
    HP up!

    Afterwards the tremors the ULTIMATE WEAPON caused forced the Lifestream to
    burst through the town of Mideel. As Tifa tries to get Cloud out of Mideel
    they are both caught in the middle of the Lifestream.

    ================================================== ===========================
    Items: None
    Materia: None
    Party's level: 36
    Party: Tifa
    ================================================== ===========================

    Now Tifa has no idea where she is, she runs scared of the dark and sinks into
    the darkness. Now Tifa enters Cloud's mind first talk to Cloud that's sitting
    in front of Nibelheim which is the Cloud at the top. Here you'll get the full
    scenario of what really happened at Nibelheim when Cloud first arrived. Now
    talk to the Cloud on the left. Then on the right. Apparently Cloud wanted to
    attract Tifa's attention and joining SOLDIER seemed like the answer. Later
    when Sephiroth had gone mad and destroyed Nibelheim Cloud apparently was in a
    Shinra uniform. Afterwards Tifa heads to Mt. Nibel to avenge the death of her
    parents but fails and Zack comes in(the guy from Gongaga and the guy in the
    picture) and Sephiroth defeats him.

    Now Cloud comes in and takes Zack's sowrd and slays Sephiroth apparently, but
    didn't Cloud get stabbed? We all saw it with our own eyes right? So how did
    Cloud survive? Also Tifa was with some boys the other day when she was very
    young and she went to Mt.Nibel and one by one the three boys chickened off
    but Cloud was still trailing behind her, later the bridge colapsed and Tifa
    was left in a coma for days and Cloud was balme for hurting Tifa, being at
    the wrong place at the wrong time. With the hidden truth uncovered Cloud has
    rejoined the team and now must go to Junon. Before you go anywhere buy some
    Mimett Greens from Chocobo Bill and feed it to the White Chocobo in the
    destroyed Mideel up in the left part of town and tickle it behind its ear to
    recive the CONTAIN MATERIA, which is basically an very strong elemental
    materia with certain effects.

    ================================================== ===========================
    Items: Leviathan Scales, Scimitar, Battle Trumphet
    Materia: Huge Materia
    Party's level: 36
    Party: Cloud and whomever
    ================================================== ===========================

    Remember where you had that big parade while disguised as a Shinra troop for
    the celebration of the new president? Well now there is no need for a
    disguise and you can go through the previous unaccesible elevator for the
    very cheap price of ten gil. When you reach the top of Junon Cloud will
    mention that something is missing. Well what is it? It's the Junon Cannon!
    That's not important right now, for now just head straight down the streets
    and keep going until you see a long hallway that goes up and down, but this
    time go down instead of going foward. Now when you enter the elevator two
    Subamrine Crew will attack to get a date with the elevator operator, defeat
    them an continue on. When the elevator stops to the left of Cloud you will
    see a dog, you can not access this area or should you need to just keep going
    down the hallways until you see a save point. Here is a good time to save
    your game.

    When your done head towards the Underwater Reactor, when you enter the long
    underwater tunnel, you'll occasionally encounter a Ghost Ship, you can morph
    it for a GUIDE BOOK if you choose to decide to fight the EMERALD WEAPON, for
    more details go to the Side Area section. When you enter the reactor you'll
    encounter alot of Shinra Submarine Crews but they are not are to beat
    anyways. After you have defeated all the troops take the underwater elevator
    down. When you reach the reactor it is basically all linear when you
    encounter Reno of the Turks he will leave a new invention behind to stall
    some time.
    BOSS: Carry Armor HP: 38,000 Item: God's Hand
    This boss is very difficult so don't cry when you when lose. Lightning spells
    surprisingly has a normal effect on this creature. It's arm has 10,000 HP
    each and the body is 18,000 incase your wondering. First set up a BARRIER and
    MBARRIER or just cast WALL once on the entire party. REGEN works really nice
    as well. HASTE is optional but watch for the Lapis Laser attack causing about
    1600 HP of damage to every party member but having your MBARRIER on will cut
    the damage taken in half. Also when the Carry Armor picks up one of your
    party members quickly destroy the arm with everything you've got or if it
    kills the party member bring him/her back to life. If he happens to capture
    two of your party members and the third party member dies, you all die so
    becareful. Basically hit it with everything you've got and no status effect
    like SLOW or MUTE will work on the Carry Armor because it is a machine.

    After the hard fight the submarine escapes off with the HUGE MATERIA. But
    luckily there is another submarine that is just about to leave, follow the
    sub but collect the treasure chests on the way because they contain some very
    valuable items. There is also a treasure chest that is behind the stairway
    leading to the submarine and the item contained in there is the LEVIATHAN
    SCALES I suggest you take them because this is absolutely the only time you
    can take them, If forgot to take them once and I even tried digging for it in
    Bone Village but no dice there so just take it although it is completely
    optional. You should use the LEVIATHAN SCALES to put out the fire at the side
    of DA-CHAO in Wutai.

    NOTE: If you do not pick up the scales now, YOU CAN NEVER pick them up again.

    When you reach the submarine you will be forced to fight serveral battles
    with some Submarine Crews defeat them and continue on until you reach the
    cockpit. Now your friends from the parade are here but you do not have to
    fight them, but if you do you will get the chance to steal a SHINRA ALPHA
    which is a fairly pretty decent piece of armor, just make sure you steal it
    from the commander. I chose to fight them though, ha! You should see the
    reaction you get when you fight them during battle. If you do choose to fight
    them, just use one COMET2 spell and they should be gone. If you don't want to
    fight them they'll be held prisoners everytime you use the submarine.

    Afterwards you will enter a mini game in a submarine battle. Follow the red
    submarine and do not lose track of it because you have to destroy the
    submarine in under ten minutes. You can fire up to four torpedos at a time
    and always hit the R1 button incase you lose track of the red submarine.
    After you have sunked the enemy submarine you can use the submarine as a
    vehicle for the rest of the game but the only place you can land it on is the
    port near Junon. Shinra does not know it, but they accidently release
    information about the other HUGE MATERIA leaving. When the team surfaces the
    plane leaves off with the HUGE MATERIA but they know where the HUGE MATERIA
    is headed, Rocket Town.

    ================================================== ===========================
    Items: None
    Materia: Huge Materia
    Party's level: 38
    PArty: Cloud and whomever
    ================================================== ===========================

    When you first arrive hear just go to the rocket and make your way to the
    control room. Cid will be forced into your party on the way and make sure to
    equip him well. When you get past the Attack Squads you will encounter Rude
    of the Turks and two Attack Squads.
    BOSS: Rude HP: 10,000
    There is basically no trouble coming from this boss. Hit it with everything
    you've got like NEO BAHAMUT or COMET2. First take out the two Attack Squads
    that will try to put you to sleep. When Rude's HP drops below 1500 he will
    start to use CURE2, so make sure you save your strong summons for the end of
    battle. If you have a STEAL MATERIA you can steal a ZIEDRICH from Rude which
    can make the most strongest elemental spells seem like the most weakest
    elemental spells. If you do not manage to steal the item fear not, you will
    be given one more chance near the end of the game.

    When you reach the control room the rocket is about ready to launch. But
    Cid's dreams haven't passed yet. Cid decides to stear the rocket into outer
    space. The rocket launches and is in a collision course with METEOR. At this
    point Cid tells you about the HUGE MATERIA, wait a minute how did Cid know
    where the HUGE MATERIA was? The HUGE MATERIA is locked in the Rocket's core
    and Cid's clues will tell you how to unlock the combination. But forget that,
    take out a sheet of paper and write this down:

    "Cirle", "Square", "X", "X"

    That's the combination for the lock. Regardless if you have gotten the HUGE
    MATERIA or not its time to leave and there just so happens to be an escape
    pod down through the engine room. Here a chunk of metal falls on Cid and the
    team is unable to get Cid free and it really was a faulty oxygen tank after
    all and Cid relizes what a mistake he made. But coincidentally Shera is
    aboard the rocket and helps the team free Cid. As the escape pod launches
    itself from the rocket the team witnesses the explosion of the rocket against
    METEOR. At first the rocket might have a chance to destroy METEOR but METEOR
    regroups and is on a collision course to Earth with only days to spare. After
    the scenario take your submarine and head for the underwaters and take your
    Submarine. Before you go down just save your game and I mean it! When you go
    down here look for the red submarine you sank earlier and search it for the
    last red HUGE MATERIA.

    If you see a floating emerald colored piece of junk lying around in the
    ocean, whatever you do IGNORE IT! If its in the way of something your trying
    to get surface and then resurface so that the WEAPON has relocated itself.
    Check my Side area section for more details. Now take all four HUGE MATERIA
    to Cosmo Canyon and show them to Bugenhagen and he'll store the HUGE MATERIA
    in his planetarium but not before you talk about how to get rid of METEOR.
    Afterwards inspect the BLUE HUGE MATERIA to get the BAHAMUT ZERO SUMMON
    MATERIA. Now you must head to the City of Ancients but first you will need
    the key. Now go back to your submarine but save before you go and head along
    the west wall and keep going until you see a small cut between the rocks and
    enter it and through a tunnel and at the end you should see the Key to the
    Ancients, inspect it and take it and head for the City of Ancients.

    ================================================== ===========================
    Items: None
    Materia: None
    Party's level: 38
    Party: Cloud and whomever
    ================================================== ===========================

    Take you airship and head over north of Bone Village and into the City of
    Ancients. When you reach the city go to the center of the city, no not the
    place where Aeris got killed but to the place I mentioned earlier that you
    needed to go for later on. When you reach here go to where Bugenhagen is
    standing and he will start to talk about how Sephiroth's evil presence keeps
    HOLY from reacting. You must kill Sephiroth to save the world and that should
    be sweet! He has taken your family, home, and even Aeris away from you, now
    you can finally settle the score. As you leave the City of Ancients Cait Sith
    reports about about the Junon Cannon. Now head for Midgar!

    ================================================== ===========================
    Items: None
    Materia: None
    Party's level: 38
    Party: Cloud and whomever
    ================================================== ===========================

    When the Highwind reaches here the groud releases huge tremmers as the
    DIAMOND WEAPON is fast approaching. Land on the coast of Midgar and wait a
    long while before it finally arrives. Right before the DIAMOND WEAPON
    approaches the shores save your game. And make sure to put all party members
    in the back row.
    Ouch! You finally get to fight one of the weapons and I hope your levels and
    materias are high enough. First off the basics, cast REGEN and WALL on the
    entire party. Then cast HASTE but make sure you either have a RIBBON equipped
    or if you have about ten ECHO SCREENs. Hit this guy with everything you've
    got and it will still be standing. Your physical attacks will do nothing
    against him so its a good idea to have a weapon equipped with alot of materia
    slots, about 6-8 slots should do. Use ULITMA, BAHAMUT ZERO, COMET2 just any
    of your strong spells and that includes FIRE3 or ICE3 or LIGHTNING3. I'm not
    sure if DEMI works but its worth a shot. You can also steal the RISING SUN
    from him which has a quadruple Materia growth in the Japan version but a
    double Materia growth in the U.S. version. When the DIAMOND WEAPON counts
    down to one it will do the DIAMOND FLASH attack which will do 2500-3200 HP of
    damage to every character so watch out and keep plenty of PHEONIX downs or
    have a PHEONIX SUMMON or a LIFE or LIFE2 spell. DIAMOND WEAPON's basic attack
    can cause about 500-1000 HP of damage but REGEN should easily counter that.

    Afterwards, the DIAMOND WEAPON is stunned, but is still headed towards
    Midgar. Just sit back and relax and watch the cool graphics. The party,
    apparently has given enough time for the Sister Ray to build up energy from
    the seven Mako Reactors except for the one you destroyed earlier of course.
    The Cannon's destructive power is huge isn't it? As the Cannon builds up it
    quiets down and releases a giant cataclysmic blast that blasts right through
    the DIAMOND WEAPON and blasts through the barrier Sephiroth had up earlier.

    But the DIAMOND WEAPON had already fired the blast towards Midgar and what do
    you know, he aimed for President Rufus. The president is now dead but the
    team has more important issues at hand. Now use your TENT and save your game
    and take the HIGHWIND to the Crater. Before the team lands in the Crater Cait
    Sith or Reeve alerts the team about Hojo firing another blast to the Crater
    which will put the entire city of Midgar in danger and unless the team stops
    the cannon the city of Midgar could explode!

    ================================================== ===========================
    Items: Aegis Armlet, Megalixir, Magic Source, Mind Source, Missing Score,
    Mystile, HP Shout, Elixir(2), Guard Source, Pile Banger, Master Fist,
    Starlight Phone, Power Source, Glow Lance, Ragnarok
    Materia: W-Item Materia
    Party's level: 38
    Party: Cloud and whomever
    ================================================== ===========================

    You'll enter Midgar in parachutes and the view is quite breath taking isn't
    it? Now follow Cait Sith to the underground sewers and save it if you like.
    When you first arrive take the stairs down and continue down until you see
    another ladder to the right of Cloud, climb the ladder to get the AEGIS
    ARMLET. Now go down and go into the doorway that is in front of a tunnel.
    Afterwards keep going until you see a treasure chest that contains a
    STARLIGHT MICROPHONE. The floor will drop but take the ladder on the dirty
    pipe and take the tunnel downwards.

    Now follow up to the next area on the stairs and you should arrive at the
    save point. Save your game and if you want to go back for the rest of the
    items you can. Now when you enter the train tunnels the Turks will appear but
    it is your choice if you want to fight them. If you do fight them, you will
    get a good amount of expierience points but not only that each one of the
    Turks are carrying a special piece of armor which you must steal from them in
    order to get. If you stole from Rude earlier he won't have the Ziedrich.
    BOSS: ELENA, RENO, and RUDE of the Turks HP: 83,000(total)
    This is not an easy fight and is probably just as hard, if not harder than
    the fight with the DIAMOND WEAPON. You must fight all three of them at the
    same time. Elena has 30,000 Rude has 28,000 and Reno has 25,000 HP. Try to
    use SUMMONS and Spells that will hit all of the turks at the same time. Start
    the battle off by casting REGEN and WALL and HASTE. Try to avoid using
    elemental spells that hits all party members because each one of the Turks
    absorbs a certain type of elemental magic. Elena absorbs ICE, Rude absorbs
    FIRE, and Reno absorbs LIGHTNING. They all have no weaknesses and GRAVITY
    spells does not work. SUMMON MONSTERs are a great way to hit all members as
    is ULTIMA or COMET2. I think basically all you have to do is concentrate on
    one of the Turks and when one of the Turks has taken enough damage they all
    go away.

    Afterwards go back to the save point and use a TENT and save cause you will
    need it. Now continue on and if you wish take a left and then take a right to
    collect some really valuable items like Cait Sith's ultimate weapon, or an
    extremely powerful GLOW LANCE for Cid. Also a really powerful MASTER FIST for
    Tifa. After you have retrieved all the weapons make sure to take a look at
    the banner that's all the the way in the back wall of the lobby and go back
    to the train tunnels and continue forth towards the Sister Ray. Now the team
    encounters the new weapon built by Scarlet and Heidegger.
    BOSS: Proud Clod HP: 100,000 Item: Ragnarok
    This boss has alot of HP and is very powerful so make sure you save before
    fighting this guy. First off cast REGEN on the team and the cast WALL. Use
    your strongest spells and summons against it. Its basic attack can cause up
    to 1000 HP of damage which is the side guns and the Knee Fire and he can do
    two in a row at any given time. Having REGEN should counter that, but it is
    also a good idea incase your HP runs really low and you don't want to wait
    for the REGEN. Also watch out for his MATERIA JAMMER which will prevent a
    party member from using any magic, so keep some ECHO SCREENs, REMEDIES,
    ESUNA, or have a RIBBON equipped. The Rainbow Ray will cast Reflect on a
    party member and since Proud Clod doesn't have any magic attacks it will
    prevent the party member from being healed so use DEBARRIER on that effected
    party member. Watch out for his Beam Cannon, he will prepare for this attack
    when he gets on his knees, this gives the party two rounds to attack unless
    you have HASTE casted on your party which gives you three rounds to attack.
    Watch out and be ready to heal after he does this attack because it will
    cause 1500 to 2000 HP of damage to all party members so have a CURE3 ready.
    LIGHTNING will not work well against this guy because he has no weaknesses so
    any negative status effect will not work either. There are two parts to this
    guy, Armor and Body, it really does not matter if you take out the armor or
    body first because you will cause the same amount of damage. The Armor has
    40,000 HP and the body has 60,000.

    Now equip Cloud's second strongest sowrd in the game which is the Ragnarok
    after you have defeated Proud Clod. Now save and continue onward. Watch out
    for the Grosspanzer, it is a random battle occurance. This guy is like a mini
    boss, he looks like a tank with spikes on its wheels. He has five parts to
    attack, beware though it might look like a common enemy and has the HP for a
    boss, about 25,000 total. Its Ram attack hits all party members that causes
    up to 1000 Hp of damage. Its regular guns causes a 1000 HP of damage to a
    single character. First destroy the cannon and all you have to worry about is
    the Ram attack. Try running if you can because this guy gave me some trouble.

    Now continue going on and if Barret is not in your party you will not find
    the MISSING SCORE if Barret is not in your party, which is his ultimate
    weapon. Along the stairway you will have serveral talks with all your other
    party. If you want you can equip it but Materia will not grow while in the
    weapon. Before you go any further equip someone with the COUNTER ATTACK
    MATERIA and a RIBBON before moving on. At the top you will encounter Hojo,
    here you will learn that Sephiroth is Hojo's son. And he needs to send
    another blast of Mako energy to feed power for Sephiroth, although Sephiroth
    does not know it Hojo is not about to let you interfere. Hojo has injected
    himself with Jenova Cells which has given him mutagenic powers sorta like the
    G-Virus in Resident Evil 2. (^_^)
    BOSS: Hojo HP: 11,000
    All you have to do is concentrate on Hojo and only Hojo. Its Capsule attack
    does not do any damage but will call upon the Poodler Sample(HP: 10,000) and
    the Bad Rap Sample(Hp: 13,000). They will always come back to life if you
    keep killing them. Now prepare for the next battle.

    BOSS: Heletic Hojo HP: 64,000(total)
    This boss is a little tough but you do not have to worry so much. The Right
    Arm is taken out easily because it has 8,000 HP and that is the first thing
    you should do. The body has 26,000 HP is should be taken out next. The left
    arm has 30,000 HP and should be ignored. REGEN helps out a lot in this battle
    but it is not needed.

    BOSS: Lifeform Hojo HP: 30,000 Item: Power Source
    This form is the toughest of all three because its Combo attack hits the
    party four times each hit causing about 250-500 HP of damage and a different
    negative status effect. So a poorly equipped party member can have POISON,
    MUTE, SLEEP, and SLOW effected on them all at the same time after one Combo
    attack. Having the COUNTER ATTACK MATERIA mastered means countering all four
    of Hojo's Combo attack without wasting a turn. Having the RIBBON means that
    the party member that has the RIBBON on will not be effected by anything Hojo
    throws at him. I once came poorly equipped and lost because his Combo attack
    put all three of my party members to sleep and he kept attacking until I was
    dead. So having the spell ESUNA ready on a person equipped with a RIBBON is a
    good way to start out as keeping a coulpe of ECHO SCREENS is not a bad idea.
    REGEN will keep some effected party members alive for a bit while longer but
    if your asleep your just delaying your "game over."

    After a strenous battle and getting nothing but a cheap POWER SOURCE you hop
    on the highwind and approach the crater. Make sure you make a save point just
    outside of the crater so you can do other things you have missed earlier in
    the game.

    ---------------------------------[ DISC3 ]-----------------------------------

    ================================================== ===========================
    Items: Save Crystal, Elixir, Power Source(2), Hero Drink, Mind Source, Magic
    Source, Guard Source Megalixir
    Materia: HP Abosrob Materia
    Party's level: 44
    Party: Cloud and whomever
    ================================================== ===========================

    Before you go down I suggest you learn BIG GUARD from the Beachplugs in the
    beach area outside of Costa Del Sol before entering, just manipulate the
    Beachplugs and have them use the BIG GUARD on your party members. From here
    you will need to pack alot of FENIX DOWNs(99 tops) unless you have the LIFE
    and LIFE2 spells because these enemies have instant death attacks. Try to buy
    as much TENTs as you can as well. Do not worry, I will try to guide you
    through on some of these enemies. When you first enter here, it is very
    different from your last encounter in the crater. At first you will see a
    treasure chest, pick it up to recieve the SAVE CRYSTAL which is a very
    important item and key for your survival. Do not use the crystal yet because
    with this item you can create a save point anywhere in the crater as you
    wish, but you can only use this once and it can only be used in the crater
    and no where else.

    Next to the treasure chest is a door or a cave leading back to the Highwind
    incase you need anything or just running low on supplies. Some enemies here
    are the Parasite which can cast L5 Death so levels that are divisible by 5
    that means your party member with a level of 50 will die, do not worry
    though, it almost never casts it though. You can also Manipulate these guys
    and have them use the MAGIC BREATH on you if you have not learned it yet,
    otherwise just keep attacking because all they do is the head attack.

    When you see a Gargoyle I suggest you run unless you have levels that are not
    divisible by 4, because the Gargoyles use this as their final attack 95% of
    the time. The Dark Dragon is pretty easy but at the levels your at now, he
    can cause quite a stir. You can Manipulate him and have him use the DRAGON
    FORCE and the LASER on a party member that has the ENEMY SKILL MATERIA(in my
    opinion one of the best MATERIA in the game) so he or she can learn the
    attack. As you continue down the spiral walkway you will see a second
    treasure chest, which contains a GUARD SOURCE. Use them on any party member
    and continue on until you reach the next area. Here to the left of the screen
    you will find a POWER SOURCE and an HP ABSORB MATERIA. Use the POWER SOURCE
    on anyone you like and continue on.

    Make sure to explore all of this area if you want the items like a GUARD
    SOURCE, MIND SOURCE, and an ELIXIR. This place is pretty small and you should
    be through in no time. In the next area is a little complicated but not too
    hard. First enter the door on Cloud's right which is the left side of the
    screen. When you first enter here, ignore the treasure chest that is on a
    small cliff on the left side of the screen. Here you will notice a small hole
    on the top right of the screen on the rocks, go inside that hole to reach the

    Visit my YouTube page: Pete's Game Room

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    Default Re: I have a question about a Playstation Store Display

    There never seems to be a fixed price for these things, but I say it would be pretty nice to have a real shelf in your room (if you've got the space). I bet you could pawn it off for a little bit of money, but S&H fees would get big and nasty pretty quick (if you were gonna ship it somewhere).

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    Yeah im using it for my room, and no i do not have the room for it, lol. Im just gonna replace 1 of my old cabinets with this one. I just got2 get the shelves that can be screwed into the back of this thing, ill be picking it up tonight.

    Mission 1

    Start by going forward and swing-shooting into the main part of the
    level. Then, go forward and use your Blaster to destroy the pod things.
    Go to the right, cross the bridge, and use your Blaster again. Then,
    destroy the two small round things using your blaster and move on. Jump
    up the stairs and destroy another small round thing. At the top is a
    bridge. Shoot all the round things and cross the bridge. You will see
    two pod things. Destroy them and go up the stairs. Destroy to small
    circular objects and destroy a bunch more of them on the bridge. Cross
    the bridge.

    "Grecs" = Green circular things that make doors open

    Now, step on all three circular things to open a door. From now on, I
    will refer to them as "Grecs." Kill all the pods in this room and then
    step on all the grecs. Go to the right and cross both bridges and you
    will be in a place with plenty of fences. Go through this area by going
    left and right. Then, cross a gap using the swingshot. There are three
    grecs in this field. Run quickly to the left and then to the right to
    pick them all up in time. Go through the door. Destroy the black bots
    and easily get the grecs here and go up the ladder.

    At the top, is a lot of water. Lower the water level, destroy the fish,
    and move into the next room. Here, destroy another fish and go up the
    steps. Lower the water level, destroy the fish, and raise the water
    level again. Lower the water level on the final one and destroy the
    fish. Raise the water here and swim under a wall to get onto land. You
    will be on a long path. Lower the water level and use the swingshot to
    cross. Then, you will be in a large room. Lower the water level and
    destroy the fish. Then, raise the water level and get the grecs in the
    center. Lower the water level once more to be able to move on. (Use the
    stairs at the other end.) Walk on this path until you get to the pit.
    Fall in for Mission 2... A BOSS BATTLE!

    Mission 2

    This is, as you probably guessed, a boss battle. (Maybe it's because I
    said it in Mission 1.) He is very easy. I recommend shooting him with
    the Blaster, avoiding his attacks. Then, he will start to follow you
    and you need to cross a bridge, that he will fall through, leaving
    platforms. Keep doing this and you will beat him. Watch out for the
    tornado as that takes all your ammo and scatters it. When you beat him,
    you will get an infobot.


    Level 8 - Planet Batalia

    Mission 1

    This mission is completed automatically. As soon as you arrive, the guy
    greats you.

    Mission 2

    Go forward from the start. Make your way to the rail. Once you are
    there, you are done and ready for Mission 3. (These first two are
    really easy.)

    Mission 3

    This isn't a hundred percent straight-forward mission. Grinding is very
    easy, but the track you are grinding on can confuse you. See, it will
    keep you going in circles so you always have to jump onto a new rail.
    Basically, do this until you get to the end. (There are a few black
    things you need to jump over on the way.) You are done with the

    Mission 4

    This is a very hard mission. Okay, I was kidding. It is actually a very
    easy mission. Basically, just buy the infobot for 2000 bolts and then
    start singing.

    Mission 5

    From the start of the level, go forward. Destroy the enemies in the air
    as you make your way forward. I highly recommend buying a Devastator.
    Without it, this mission is nearly impossible. Destroy the enemies
    under the bridge and then use your wrench to make the bridge come up.
    Then, go back up and a tank will appear. Use the devastator to destroy
    it. It is the only way. Then, continue on. I don't recommend actually
    fighting the enemies here. Just run like mad across the field to get to
    the grass path which will take you up to the top. Cross the bridges
    here to be done. (And get an infobot.)

    Mission 6

    You need the Magnet Boots for this mission. Go to where you left off in
    Mission 5. Use your magnet boots to walk on the path and get to a new
    area. Go forward, killing the enemies, until you get to a big missle-
    launcher. Get ready for Mission 7.

    Mission 7

    Yes, this is the last mission. Climb in the shooter and start shooting
    the big ships everywhere. This is pretty hard, and you only have one
    minute. (I timed it.) When you do it, you get a hard-earned Metal


    Level 9 - Planet Gasper

    Mission 1

    To start this mission, go forward onto the platform and ride down to
    the main part of the level. When you get there, cross over to the
    missile launcher thing and turn to shoot the wall. After you have shot
    the wall, go through the wall. I highly recommend you use the Walloper
    (which you can bye at the start of this level) to destroy the enemies
    flying around this area. Get the health near the start of the path and
    continue on to the left. Kill the enemies and jump over the gap. Go to
    the end of this circular area and start jumping across the platforms.
    Get to the end of this path, and shoot a rocket at the door you passed
    earlier. Go back down and go into the door.

    Here, you will enter a room. Get the health, and walk into the
    elevator. Continue on and a bunch of enemies will jump out of cars and
    start shooting at you. Use the devastator/walloper and try to get past
    this as quickly as possible, don't worry about killing them. Then, run
    as quickly as possible into the cannon and kill all the enemies here.
    Once you have done this, continue on for your reward... The Pilot's
    Helmet! (This is necessary to get the O2 Mask, which you need to
    explore Level 10 as Ratchet.)


    Level 10 - Planet Orxon

    Mission 1

    Clank has to do this mission and the next. See, you can't breath air on
    Orxon. Go through the door-entrance thing. Get the three bots in this
    area and enter them into warps to make them go up the ledges. Then,
    enter them into the port to get open the door. Free the two bots here.
    They can't follow you up the ledge. Instead, you go up and stand on the
    thing that makes the door go down. Command the bots to follow you and
    you got past the spot. Do the same thing for the bot in this room. With
    all four following you, go up and free another one.

    Go onto the thing that is going up and down and free the last one. Put
    all of the bots through the lock and continue on. Walk until you get
    your prize. The extremely hard-earned... Magna boots!

    Mission 2

    You are left on a bridge after Mission 1. Go to the right and enter a
    forest. There are five bots here. Go to all the corners and get them.
    Then, enter a little maze. There is fire in this maze, so beware. Start
    by turning to the right from the start. Right after the fire passes,
    cross this are and continue on. Keep going on the path, dodging the
    fire. Make it to the end and you will almost be there!

    Cross the bridge and you will see a transport at the end. Send all your
    bots through there. Continue on. There are a lot of bots here. (Ten, to
    be exact.) Find them all and attack the enemies. Make sure you have all
    ten, and make them enter. The door should open. Get the infobot here
    and dance. (You should still be singing since Level 8, Mission 4.)

    Mission 3

    Do this after getting the O2 mask in Level 11. Jump over the major gap
    and continue on. (Jump from a platform.) Break the locks and destroy
    the enemies. You will get to a fork in the road. ("I took the one less
    traveled by, and that made all the difference...")

    Mission 4

    Take the right road for this one. Kill the enemy and then don't kill or
    touch the sleeping ones. Jump up onto the platform and continue on and
    use the magna boots. Walk along the path, killing the enemies on the
    way. At the end, jump off and get the health. Use the swingshot to
    continue. The infobot will continue to run. Cross this gap using the
    swingshot and try not to disturb the enemies as you walk. Jump onto the
    path at the end.

    This part is really hard. Hit the locks so that the door can open.
    However, when you hit the second one, the enemies always go after you.
    Try to kill them, or dodge them. Then, continue on. (If you haven't
    died.) Continue on for an infobot.

    Mission 5

    Take the left road. Go on and destroy the enemies. Turn right, jump,
    and continue on. Go through these doors and kill the enemy at the end.
    Then, turn to the left and use the blaster to take care of the enemies.
    Then, use the Devastator to destroy the ships and continue on. The two
    ships will take four hits. Jump across the platforms and sneak across
    the crabs. Start jumping on the platforms. You HAVE to shoot the next
    crabs. I suggest using the Glove of Doom to take care of the many crabs
    here. Then, jump to where the crabs used to be and open the door, but
    don't walk through.

    Here, there is a gap. Use the Devastator to kill the crabs on the other
    end. Then, jump across and continue on. Jump across three platforms and
    then walk through a small area, killing the enemies. Then, jump across
    the platforms to get to a building. It has Nanotech in it! Buy the
    Nanotech to get more health. (For 4000 bolts get to 5, for 30000 bolts
    get to 8.)


    Level 11 - Planet Pokitaru

    Mission 1

    To start, talk to the guy at the beginning. He will make you kill a
    bunch of sharks. Kill them all and you will be done! Easier said than
    done, though. Use the suck cannon to suck up the enemies and then shoot
    them out. You will eventually get onto a boat. Get rid of all the
    enemies here, and you will go up. Then, keep going, killing more and
    more enemies. You will be in a pond area. Kill the enemies here and
    start Mission 2.

    Mission 2

    Using the Pilot's Mask from Level 9, talk to the guy. (Technically you
    use the mask in Mission 3.) Well, just go there then.

    Mission 3

    There we go. Start flying planes! Yahoo! Okay, get in the ship and
    shoot down Blargs Ships. You can get more missle by shooting the things
    that give you more ammo. (You have to shoot them anyway.) After
    shooting for a while, you are done and you have to 02 mask. On the
    Mission 4. (If you want to.)

    Mission 4

    From the start, go on the warp pad. This will take you to the place you
    need to be for Mission 5.

    Mission 5

    Use the Hydro Displacer on the water here. Then, use the trespasser to
    open the door. Then, use the hydro displacer to bring the water back
    and swim through the door. Get on land, kill the enemies, got to the
    top of the area, and then use your trespasser to open the door again.
    Go through the underwater tunnel. Kill the enemies here and use the
    trespasser one last time. Here, you can trade Raritanium for a


    Level 12 - Planet Hoven

    Mission 1

    Go forward as fast as you can. Then, when you reach the end, cross the
    bridge on the left. Keep going forward, killing the enemies. At the end
    of the path, blast the ship-thing. Wall jump up and keep going forward,
    killing the enemies. When you get to the enemies, step into a missle
    launcher, and destroy everything you see. (This is easy.) When you are
    done, get your infobot.

    Mission 2

    Go forward from Mission 2, jumping over the gaps. You will be on ice.
    No! get the three grecs (see Level 7 for what they are.) To get two of
    the grecs, you might need to use the swingshot. This will open a
    building. Go into the building. Hit the three grecs here by wall-
    jumping. Keep going to be in the ice. Use the swingshot to go above the

    Here, jump across the small, icy platforms. Make your way across, get
    the grecs, and enter a building. Here, you can get the Raritanium. You
    are done with this mission!

    Mission 3

    Follow the path until you get to Ed. Buy the Hydro Pack from him. (it
    will cost 2000 bolts.)


    Level 13 - Orbit Otlantis

    Mission 1

    Go forward and cross the gap. Keep going forward and kill the enemies.
    Then, go up the stairs. Shoot the control tower using the Devastator.
    Then, go through the path opened up. Kill the enemies here and shoot
    the control tower. Go through the path again. Go to the right quickly
    once you are here. Go behind the shooting thing and go all the way to
    the right. Kill the enemies here and move on. (By going to the left.)

    Here, you have two choices. Do which ever you prefer. You can either go
    quickly to the left and destroy the enemies here. Then, sneak behind
    the enemy into the next room. Your second option is to go to the right,
    really quickly, and entering the next room that way. Here, kill the
    enemies and go to the right.

    Use the drone device and cross this room as quickly as possible.
    Continue here and go forward until you get to a place where you can use
    your trespasser. Use it to open the door, walk in, and kill all the
    enemies here. Then, exit and walk down this path and turn to the right.
    Destroy the enemies here and continue on. Eventually, you will be at a
    part with a bunch of missiles shooting at you. Cross quickly using the
    drone device and get on the platform.

    You will be in a room's ceiling. Fall off and run to a small ledge. No
    enemies can touch you here. (Actually, about two or three might, I'm
    not sure how.) Use your blaster to destroy all the enemies and they
    boxes they come from. This will open an elevator. Get ready to battle!

    Mission 2

    This is pretty easy. Just shoot the Captain over and over again. Try to
    conserve your missiles until the end of the battle. When you destroy
    him, you will get a new ship and an infobot. Yahoo!


    Level 14 - Planet Otlantis

    Mission 1

    Go onto a platform that will take you to a big square. Go forward and
    onto the path. Here, kill all the enemies on the way. There are a lot
    of robots in the air. Keep going and you will reach three rails. What
    follows is really fun. Jump on a rail and start running (or grinding)
    away from the robots. Dodge the obstacles by jumping from rail to rail.
    Eventually, you'll get to the end, and be on land once again.

    Mission 2

    Buy the infobot for 2000 bolts. I'd say more, but I don't really need
    to do that.

    Mission 3

    Take a taxi to the "upper city" to do this mission. Then, continue on
    the path, destroying all the enemies and missile launchers. Use your
    swingshot and then keep doing that. Just swinsghoot onto the platforms
    and destroy the enemies. It is pretty straight-forward. You will get a

    Mission 4

    Use your magnet boots to go on the magnet path. Keep going, dodging the
    black balls, until you reach the end. Continue on, in the ice. You'll
    have to try to avoid slipping off, as you try to get to the end. Get up
    the tall ledge and continue to the end on a path. Talk to "Steve" to
    get the Gadgetron PDA.


    Level 15 - Planet Quartu

    Mission 1 & 2

    Go forward and go to the left. Cross this area with your swingshot.
    Then, go around the walkway. Don't kill the enemies. Try to cross as
    quickly as possible. (Using R1.) Then, at the end, talk the professor
    and he will let Clank become big. Once he is big, make your way back to
    the start of the circle. Enter the arena. Shoot all the enemies here.
    (Standing in one place is basically your best tactic.) When you are
    done, you will get a little treat. (And infobot to Level 18.)

    Mission 3

    From the start, climb the ladder on the left. You will have to go
    underwater and use your hydropack to get the rings. (Press R1.) Then,
    go to the center platform and turn off the electricity. Be careful
    though, this will only last for one minute. As soon as you turn it off,
    go quickly through all the rings, opening doors, and doing it again.
    Eventually, you will come out and get a bolt grabber. This allows you
    to get bolts that are far away.

    Mission 4

    You need the hologuise for this. Go forward from the start until you
    get to a metal door. Use the hologuise and then wave to the robot. He
    will let you in. Undo the hologuise and jump up on the left side. Keep
    going forward, jump across the lava into the center, and jump to the
    other side. Get the health here (left hand side) and go to the right
    from there, jumping onto the platform. Keep going forward, killing
    enemies, using the drone device, and climbing ladders, until you get to
    another gate.

    Use the hologuise to wave once again. Go in, and climb the ladder.
    Continue on, blowing up the enemies. Kill the robot in the next room
    and move on. Blow up the three robots on the other side, and swingshoot
    over there. Butt stomp the switch (jump, rocket and then square), wear
    your hologuise, and wave in the next room to trick the robot. Continue
    and get an infobot.


    Level 16 - Planet Kalebo III

    Mission 1

    Go forward from the start. When you get to the building, hit the switch
    to get inside. Go to the right and go onto the path. Kill the enemies
    and continue on. Go to the left and enter the room. Kill all the
    enemies here and continue on. (You can't move on until they all are
    gone.) Go forward and ride the elevator up. Destroy the enemies and
    turn to the left. Hit the switch with the blaster. Then, go up the
    stairs and go into the room.

    Continue on and fight those enemies again. Then, use your devastator
    (or something else, but not the blaster) to hit the switch far away.
    Swinghoot your way there and get on the rail. It will end soon and
    you'll be on a platform. Go through the door and you'll be stuck in a
    room with those enemies again, who will now try to burn you.

    Kill them all and move on. Continue and kill all the enemies that you
    see. Keep going and you will be in an area with a bunch of those
    enemies, but they will be outside this time. Kill them and enter the
    building. Hit the switch so you can get here easily. Then, go to
    forward (not through the door you hit the switch for) and you will see

    Mission 2

    You must win the race to get the hologuise. Talk to the guy and he will
    let you enter. There are a few strategies to keep in mind. Always hit
    the boosts and try to keep a bunch of missiles handy for shooting
    people. Once you win, you get the hologuise. Yahoo!

    Mission 3

    From the entrance of the building, go the opposite way you went last
    time (this is to the right if you are coming from Mission 2.) You will
    be able to grind a rail. There are three rails here. You must jump from
    rail to rail every time you see an obstacle. Keep doing this until you
    get to the end. Here, you can do Mission 4.

    Mission 4

    Just talk to the Help Desk lady and you will get a map-o-matic. This
    shows the secret areas in levels.


    Level 17 - Veldin's Orbit

    Mission 1

    Go into the water and dive down. You will see three rings in the water.
    Use the Underwater Rocket Pack (R1) to get the three rings here and
    open the door. The game gives you a LOT of time to collect the rings.
    You could completely mess up and still get all of them. Anyway, as soon
    as you have all three, go through the door.

    Go to the top of the water here and you will see a switch. Run towards
    the switch and then run over it to activate it. It will make it so that
    you can swim in the water without electrocuting yourself. This is
    helpful because, now, you will no longer die. Not dying is good, as the
    only way to beat this is to stay alive.

    Okay, now that you have the alive thing down, your goal is to get to
    the end of this long path underwater. There are many spikes on the way.
    Dodge them. (As in, don't hit them.) They will remove one health point.
    There are rays that move around in a circle. Avoid them by waiting
    until the clearing comes by you (the hole) and then dash through.

    If you hit the spinning things, you will lose one health point too. As
    a matter of fact, if you hit anything here you will lose one health
    point. The last thing that can hit you are the rays going up and down.
    The only thing you really have to worry about are the spinning things,
    though, and use the above method of dealing with them.

    Remember that you have 1:20 to complete this course. When you get to
    the end, hopefully without dying, get the Codebot. After you have it,
    get out of here using the door, which will open into a ship. Ride the
    ship back to the start. You can return here whenever you want.

    Mission 2

    Go forward from the start so that you can get to the first "ship". Go
    forward, killing the enemies on the way. You'll want to use the
    hologuise regularly to trick the robots. Keep going, killing enemies,
    until you can warp to the next ship. Kill the dogs on the other side,
    and then swinghoot over the disgusting junk. Continue on and kill the
    enemies in the next room. Now, you can go to the final ship... Drek's!

    Ride the elevator's up and hop into the ship. Start shooting like mad.
    You'll have to aim well and don't forget to recharge the missiles. This
    is pretty hard, but it is doable. Go back to the bridge and cross it.
    Then, take out your magnet boots (well, it is automatic) and start
    heading up. Keep going, up some elevator's, around some obstacles, and
    you will eventually get your infobot.


    ************************************************** *********************
    ** BOSS BATTLE **
    ** -Drek- **
    ************************************************** *********************

    Make your way to the transformation pad. (Just a bit of hydro displacer
    work) and make Clank huge and mean. Make your way to Drek's arena to
    fight him. He'll use a shrinking ray, but you should have a R.Y.N.O (If
    you don't, get one.) Use your R.Y.N.O on him. He'll use a shrinking
    ray, but you should have a R.Y.N.O (If you don't, get one.) Use your
    R.Y.N.O on him. You'll have to chase him quite a bit, using gadgets
    such as the swingshot. He'll hit a switch and you have 30 seconds to
    butt stomp the big thing in the center. You'll then have a bunch of
    enemies to kill. Drek keeps getting madder and you don't like that.
    (You won't.) He'll shoot all kinds of missiles at you. When you finally
    do kill him, you can sing, dance, and party, all at the same time. Yep.

    //// VII. FAQ \\\\\\

    1. How many gadgets/weapons are in the game?
    There are 35.

    2. What are most of them?

    3. How do you save?
    Hey, it was asked. Anyway, the game automatically saves, but you
    can make it save by going to options and then save.

    //// VIII. Credits \\\\\\

    I appreciate anyone willing to help me with my FAQ.

    I would like to thank:
    God, My parents and friends, Insomniac, Sony, and Nintendo. <-This is
    Matt's CRP. It has his works.
    //// IX. Legal Info \\\\\

    This FAQ is Copyright 2002 - 2003 Sasha Slutsker

    It is currently on:

    If you want it on your site please contact me. If you put it on your
    site without contacting me I WILL sue. Also, this FAQ may not be sold.

    /-----------------Check this out-------------------------\
    / \

    Visit my YouTube page: Pete's Game Room

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    Is it a problem of not having the actual dimensions to fit it comfortably, or do you just need to move a bunch of stuff outta the way to get it in there? (I can say that I spend the night from 1-5 o'clock in the morning just rearranging my room...not exactly my idea of fun, but opening some stuff did jog my memories so that helped).

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    Shoot..if I found that I would of strapped it quick to the roof of my wifes Toyota
    I love stuff like that..

    I've passed up stuff like that and I really regret it.... I'll never pass up anything like that again..even though I don't have the room here.

    Great Find..

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    Default's worth getting. I'd slay for one of those
    scooterb: "I once shot a man in Catan, just to watch him die."

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    damn straight. haul that big momma home :P

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    bad news, i go back later that night to find that someone had broken the top of it off, also making the backboared loose from one of the sides....oh well

    \================================================= ================//

    | Pilot's Helmet |

    _ Level: 9
    | |
    Cost: Free, beat Level 9

    This let's you fly around in Level 11 to get the O2 mask. It'll also
    let you fly around in later levels.

    \\================================================ =================//

    | Bolt Grabber |

    00 Level: 15
    Cost: Free, beat Level 15

    This is pretty useful because it grabs bolt's that are far away from
    you. You don't need to get as close to them.

    \\================================================ =================//

    | Gadgetron PDA |
    ( )-
    00 Level: 14
    Cost: 1000 Bolts

    This will allow you to purchase ammo from wherever you are. It is
    expensive, but oh well. (The ammo.)

    \\================================================ =================//

    | Hologuise |
    ( )-
    00 Level: 16
    Cost: Free, beat Level 16

    You need this to do the mission in Level 15 that requires you to wave
    to the robot.

    \\================================================ =================//

    | Metal Detector |

    / Level: 12
    Cost: Free, beat Level 12

    This is gotten when you destroy all those ships in the air in one
    minute. It is pretty hard to get, but once you do, you can detect
    metal! Yahoo!

    \\================================================ =================//

    | Sonic Summoner |
    ( )-
    00 Level: 2
    Cost: Free, beat Level 2

    Win the race in Level 6 to get this. It is not THAT necessary, but it
    could have some use in the game.

    \\================================================ =================//

    | Magna Boots |

    __ Level: 14
    | |
    | |
    |_| Cost: Free, beat Level 14

    These let you walk on Magnet Walkways. They are very necessary through-
    out the course of the game.

    \\================================================ =================//

    | Grind Boots |
    | | Level: 5
    | |
    Cost: 2000 Bolts

    This let's you grind on various rails in the game. Very useful and
    important. When grinding, you should always jump to avoid obstacles.
    (But you knew that.)

    \\================================================ =================//

    | Heli-Pack |
    | | Level: 3
    | |
    Cost: 1000 Bolts

    This lets you fly forward and cross gaps. It also lets you go higher.
    It is Clank's first upgrade.

    \\================================================ =================//

    | Thruster-Pack |
    | | Level: 11
    /| |\
    | Cost: 2000 Bolts

    This is the same thing as the other one, except Clank can do everything
    a little better. (Higher, Farther.) This time, he uses fire.

    \\================================================ =================//

    | Hydro Pack |
    | | Level: 12
    | |
    Cost: 2000 Bolts

    This let's you maneuver underwater. It adds a lot of speed and is very
    important for Levels like number 15.

    \\================================================ =================//

    | 02 Mask |
    ( )-
    00 Level: 11
    Cost: Free, beat Level 11

    This lets you do Level 10 with Ratchet. To get it, beat Level 9 and use
    that in one of the last missions in Level 11. (See walkthrough.) It is
    pretty self-explanatory.

    \\================================================ =================//

    //// V. Collect! \\\\\\

    (By Sasha Slutsker)

    There isn't anything you need to get 120 of, but there are many things
    you need to collect.

    Infobot - The most important thing because they take you to the new

    Bolts - Use them to buy weapons. There are infinitely many of these

    Gold Bolts - Rare bolts for rare items.

    Spinning Blue Things - Health

    //// VI. Walkthrough \\\\\\

    (By Sasha Slutsker)

    The start!

    Well, this is where you start. After watching the story begin, you find
    yourself on a planet looking for a guy named Clank. This is incredibly
    easy so I'll just give a brief walkthrough. From the start, go forward
    and cross the small gaps. The path will turn right and to the left,
    down a hill, you'll see a ship. Clank is in it and that is where your
    adventure will begin!

    Level 1 - Planet Novalis


    Mission 1

    This mission, unlike the other one, involves very little platform
    jumping. It is mainly destroying enemies. I suggest you get the "fire"
    weapon before attempting this. Start off by going onto the moving
    platform. This will take you to the bottom. Run here until you get to
    the steps. You will have to destroy many enemies along the way. Go up
    the steps and onto the broken bridge. Cross it by destroying the three
    enemies. When you are done, go to the left in the tunnel and you will
    be on a long path. Destroy the enemies here and you should make it to
    the other side, where an infobot awaits.

    Mission 2

    This mission involves a lot of platform jumping. It is a very good
    mission to introduce the game to you. To start, go to the right from
    the beginning. Then, you will see many raised platforms. Start jumping
    on them to get the other side. If you fall off, you'll have to start
    over. (The current is very strong.) When you get to the other side, you
    will see many block of land. To get between them, go in the water and
    up the stairs. At the other side jump on the thing that makes you go
    up, get to the end, and you will see your infobot.

    Mission 3

    Buy the infobot. It is very cheap and it let you go to level 3.
    Congratulations! You finished the level.


    Level 2 - Planet Aridia!

    Mission 1

    Just start walking behind the ship to find this guy. He is very easy to
    locate. Use your map if you need to.

    Mission 2

    Run around this area, killing the red sharks. If you kill them all, you
    get a hoverboard. Remember that you have to destroy the big ones in
    order for this to matter. (They make more of the sharks.)

    Mission 4

    Go to the left and across the gaps to start this mission. Go forward
    until the end, where you can get a life and go the right. Cross this
    gap and destroy the enemies that await you. Go to the right and ride
    the elevator. Make your way to this area:


    Go forward and not to the left. Turn around at the end to see a little
    thing you can go up. Jump onto this and jump up. Then, you have to go
    under a small tunnel. Do this and get to the end. Once you are there,
    go right and jump onto this again. While hanging on go to the right and
    jump up at the end. Go forward and up to make it to green land. Go
    around the swamp to find the guy you are looking for.

    Mission 5

    To complete this, you must complete the hoverboard race on Plabet
    Rilgar. This isn't soon, so don't worry about it. The description for
    this will be in the respected planet. Come back and get the Sonic


    Level 3! - Planet Kerwan

    Mission 1

    This level has many missions. The first one is pretty straight forward.
    From the start, go forward and walk into the area where an enemy is
    located. Kill him and go to the left. Walk along here, killing the
    enemies on the way. The mission is over when you get to a guy's hut and
    you can buy stuff there. (Well, one thing, actually.)

    Mission 2

    This is a very straight-forward mission. Start it by buying a heli-
    pack. Your done! That's it! It costs very little and is required to do
    the rest of the missions.

    Mission 3

    Go to the train. (He is right after Mission 1 and 2. You'll have to use
    the heli-pack to jump onto the platforms and then glide across. Then,
    take the elevator up and glide to the other side. Continue on.) Jump on
    the train and try to get to the end for something special. You will
    need to destroy the enemies on the way. An infobot! Yahoo!

    Mission 4

    This is a very fun mission. Go to the right from the start of the
    level. You will see the captain and Clank thinking he is real. Anyway,
    go to the left and jump up and wall jump to the top. Then, go to the
    left and wall jump some more. Keep going on, jumping when you need to
    and you will eventually be at the end. Congratulations! You made it!

    Mission 5

    Buy the Swingshot. If you don't have enough, go to another
    BOLTS. When you have enough, buy it and explore this area for a ton of
    bolts. (You need the swingshot.)


    Level 4 - Planet Eudora

    Mission 1

    Go to the left from the start and use the trespasser. Go through this
    and go to the left. Use the slingshot to cross this gap. Then, just
    jump onto the platform to the left. Then, jump onto the far away
    platform. (First use your wrench to turn the screw.) Then, turn another
    one and jump onto the platforms to get to the other side. Once you have
    made it here you are done! An infobot for Level 5!

    Mission 2

    Go to the upper left from the start. Then, use your wrench to make the
    bridge go up. When it is up, you can cross it. Here, do that again so
    that you can cross again. Keep killing enemies and go up. Use the
    wrench again so that a platform comes down. Jump onto it and cross the
    gap. Once you are there, keep going. You will get a suck cannon. It is
    not THAT useful, but it is a nice thing to have.


    Level 5 - The Space Station

    Mission 1, 3, and 5

    This is a very easy mission. It will get you the infobot to Planet
    Rilgar. First, go to the left and you will see two doors. Use the right
    one and get in the ship. It will take you to a planet. Once you are
    there, you can go through the level, destroying enemies and getting
    bolts. You will get to a room where you are higher than the enemies.
    Use the Blaster to destroy the enemies. Once they are all gone, you can
    go where they were. You didn't get hurt! Anyway, keep going and you'll
    put the ship into self-destruct mode. Run, dodging the enemies, the way
    you came in. You have 45 seconds but it isn't that hard. When your out,
    you get an infobot.

    Mission 2

    Got through the left door this time. This is easily the most difficult
    mission on this planet. (Or Station.) Anyway, go forward and jump over
    the two fire things. Go through the door and turn on your
    procrastinator or just use a wrench. (Whichever you prefer.) Destroy
    the many enemies here, destroy the big ones in the next room, and
    destroy the few in the next hall. If you are still alive, pick up the
    live and go forward into the next door. Break all these boxes for bolt
    and ammo. Then, turn around and go to your right. (It was you left
    before.) You will be in a big room. Go to the left and jump up the
    stairs. Get to the top and get the two life. Now, slingshot to the
    other side and destroy the enemies here. Get in the next room, destroy
    the enemies, and go into the hall. In the hall, you need to use the
    Taunter to get the enemies to come near you, so you can kill them.
    Cross the hall an you will be in a room with a Gadgetron.

    You should stock up on ammo, and then use the Blaster to destroy the
    enemies in this room. Get the health, and go on. Use the Blaster to
    destroy the first two enemies. Now, if you start destroying enemies
    from far away, you can destroy all the enemies without getting hurt.
    When you are on one platform, destroy the enemies on another. Do this
    around the circle and shoot the thing to make the electricity go down.
    I recommend you go back and stock up on Blaster ammo. Then, enter the
    door for your first BOSS BATTLE!

    Use the blaster and get out of the way, then shoot him from a side. He
    will turn, but you can turn too! He is pretty easy. Once he is dead,
    get the health and move on to the next room, where you can get Grind
    Boots. For a price. Buy them and grind your way back to the start. (It
    is pretty straight forward. You don't even have to jump unless you want
    a few extra bolts.)

    Mission 5

    This is the final mission and it is a Clank mission. Go the other way
    you usually go for the other missions. Use the trespasser to walk
    trough the door, go down the elevator, and then into a Clank level.
    Clank is ready for some action! Go forward to start the level. Walk
    carefully on the path to make into another area. Go to the right and
    then glide to the other side. Go to the left and go up on the right.
    There is another difficult path here, so be careful. Then, go around
    the bend to get five helpers. Order them using the triangle button.
    First, order them to follow you. Then, order them to attack the
    enemies. Then, order them all to get into a cage thing. (You need all
    five. If one died, go back and get him.) Move on to get a special new
    weapon for Clank!


    Level 6 - Planet Rilgar

    Mission 1

    You have to win the hoverboard race. Go to the right from the start
    and jump onto the platforms to get to the other side. Cross the gap and
    keep going. I highly recommend you use the Blaster through these
    sections. Keep going, using your Blaster, until you get to a big area.
    To the left, is a ship. It will take you downtown. Get off the ship.
    Then, buy some ammo and use the blaster to kill everything you see. You
    can buy a R.Y.N.O for 150,000 bolts. I'm not even close so I'm not sure
    what it does. (Maybe you get it at the end of the game.) Press the
    button at the end and destroy the two enemies to move on.

    Here, you will see a big circle. Shoot the enemies at the bottom and
    the come down to let the rest of them out. (The button.) If you run in
    circles shooting, you can kill them all. Move on and you'll be in a
    maze. Follow the most straight-forward path and you'll be out. You can
    go back in for a golden bolt, if you want. Go up the chute and shoot
    the enemy. Go to the left and shoot the enemy there. Then, follow the
    path to make it outside. Start the race!

    This is actually pretty hard. The trick is to try to stay in control
    and get as many power up as humanly possible. Keep trying. When you
    win, get the thing and bring it back to Level 2 for a Sonic Summoner
    Helmet. Yahoo!

    Mission 2

    This is a very hard mission. You will need to be patient and quick.
    From the start, take the path that leads to a bunch of sling shot
    targets. Use you slingshot and get to the other side. Use you Water
    thing (Hydro something) to make the water level sink so you can cross.
    Keep going and you need to use you slingshot and rise the water level.
    When you get a place where you need to sink the water level to get unto
    a tunnel. DON'T DO IT. Just swim into the tunnel and come up at the
    other side of it. Go through the door and go down the chute. Press the
    button to start a very difficult race.

    You have time to rest. This is an all-out race against the water. Equip
    the pyrocitor and run like made. When you see a couple enemies, shoot
    them so you don't waste time. Jump on the platforms to get to the other
    side. The water shouldn't be too high if you are doing this right. Go
    under the water and too the other side. If four of the ledges are over
    the water, you'll be fine. Destroy this enemy and run across the
    platforms and too the other side for the final dive. When I did this, I
    just BARELY made it. Go really fast through the water. When you get to
    the other side, you will see the captain.

    Mission 3

    You must pay 4,000 bolts to see the captain. Once you do, you can see
    the captain and get an infobot. Congratulations! (I find it a bit weird
    that all he makes is 6 bolts/hour.)


    Level 7 - Planet Umbris

    Mission 1

    Start by going forward and swing-shooting into the main part of the
    level. Then, go forward and use your Blaster to destroy the pod things.
    Go to the right, cross the bridge, and use your Blaster again. Then,
    destroy the two small round things using your blaster and move on. Jump
    up the stairs and destroy another small round thing. At the top is a
    bridge. Shoot all the round things and cross the bridge. You will see
    two pod things. Destroy them and go up the stairs. Destroy to small
    circular objects and destroy a bunch more of them on the bridge. Cross
    the bridge.

    "Grecs" = Green circular things that make doors open

    Now, step on all three circular things to open a door. From now on, I
    will refer to them as "Grecs." Kill all the pods in this room and then
    step on all the grecs. Go to the right and cross both bridges and you
    will be in a place with plenty of fences. Go through this area by going
    left and right. Then, cross a gap using the swingshot. There are three

    Visit my YouTube page: Pete's Game Room

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    Quote Originally Posted by PDorr3
    bad news, i go back later that night to find that someone had broken the top of it off, also making the backboared loose from one of the sides....oh well
    Here one of my "golden rule" when i found something in the wild (trash, flea, garage sale) that look cool or unusual.

    "Always take it right now because if you left it there you will regret later"
    Oh eBay! you are such a pain, I am addicted to you like crack cocaine. You offer things I cannot find in stores,You are the pimp, and we are all your whores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PDorr3
    bad news, i go back later that night to find that someone had broken the top of it off, also making the backboared loose from one of the sides....oh well
    I still would take what's left....(fixable)

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