I recently picked up an Odyssey 2 Model BJ7600 GY02 and was looking for a power supply for it. This does not use the standard NES plug. It uses plug-in controllers. Seems to not be any info on the web, so I decided to ask the experts here (I've already lurked the forums for info on Virtual Boy restoration). I picked up a multiplug from RadioShack, but need to verify the tip. I believe it's an F for those who use multitips, but I don't know the polarity - does it use a positive or negative tip? I think it will take an Atari PSU, but don't want to fry it with the wrong polarity.

There's also the word 'RENEWED' branded on the plastic on the bottom - does anyone know what that stands for? I think this might be a rarer model (but it's not in great shape), so I'd like to learn more about it as well.