Looking to get a GBA of some sorts so my brother and I can finally do Four Swords Adventures together. An SP would be GREATLY preferred, but I'll take the old wide model or a Micro as well. A Gameboy Advance to Gamecube cable would also be awesome, but it's far from a must.

Up for trade, I have a spare VB sitting out in a box that's taking up space. Includes just the headset and a controller, no stand or eyeshade. In overall good shape, although the rubber sides of the console seem to have some kind of holes/tears in them. It's just cosmetic, doesn't affect gameplay. I can throw in Virtual Boy Wario Land if the GBA comes with games, or if you can offer a model AGS-101 SP (i.e. the one with the improved screen) for trade. I also have the box for the adapter tap, if anyone needs it for their collection.

I could also gladly sell the VB. $20 for the headset and controller, $20 for Wario Land, $30 for both of them. Paypal is best, but I'd accept a money order.