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Thread: Working Designs label variations

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    Default Working Designs label variations

    I've been reading the older threads about this, and I'm wondering if anyone has some new information. The newest one I have found is over a year old now. It seems pictures of all the labels have been posted (except 2 of the Alundra labels I think) so that information is known I believe. I'm mostly interested in which labels are the rarest ones. I'm looking into getting a lot of these games soon so I would appreciate any information. Thanks a lot.
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    All you really need to know about the PS WD variants is here

    In regards to the Saturn and Sega CD stuff, I don't know how many are really all that much harder to get vs the other alternate arts save for the Sega CD Lunar SSC. That one was easy, the later the version, the rarer it was, with the 7th being the rarest.
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