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Thread: New collector needs help! GBC games

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    Default New collector needs help! GBC games

    Hi guys, first of all I just want to say if this the wrong forum, please redirect me to the right one, as I just joined this site =)

    I don't know how many times you have to deal with basic questions from a newbie, but here are some burning questions that I can't seem to find answers for: (Btw, these are mostly GBC game related)

    What's a good price to pay per cartridge when buying in bulk? I want to put up an ad in craigslist, but if I put something like $1 per cart, I may get ignored. Is something around $3 still acceptable?

    What's the best way to store games? I collect other things like cards and coins, so I have the no excessive heat/moisture blah blah down. Are there any boxes that GBC games fit nicely into? Also, what are those clear square cases called and where do I get them?

    Boxed games - I read somewhere (Maybe even on this site) that you should pay 50% of the cart price for the booklet and 100% for the box. Is this true?

    What's the best way to clean the contacts of GBC games? I've heard everything from pencil erasers to rubbing alcohol, will any of these hurt the cart in the long run?

    Whew, I think that's it for now. Sorry of these questions seem redundant or basic, but I'm new to this and any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    EDIT: Just realized something else. People on this site talk about a buying/selling forum but I don't see it. Could anyone point me in the right direction?
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    For a craigslist I know most wouldn't pay more than $2-$3 for a GBC cart, with the exception of games that are worth more. If your game is valuable, it could be worth way more than $2-$3. While that doesn't mean you should sell each game at Ebay value, games that are worth considerably more than $2-$3 will get purchased for a little more.

    For cleaning contacts simply dip a q-tip in high grade alchole, and rub it along the contacts. Use the other side of the q-tip to dry it. I do this for all of my games and have never had a problem.

    Also with games, sunlight is the enemy, avoid at all costs. If the label is messed up, your games value goes down the tubes. Kept in a box or shelve out of the way of sunlight should stop both plastic yellowing and the label from getting fadded out.

    I'm sure you knew that already, but I hope I helped.
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