All of these are authentic and work.

Gauntlet (original licensed version)-$500

Romance of the Three Kingdoms II-$450

Journey to Silius (PAL, but works fine on a top loader like most PAL games)-$225

Mini Putt (unreleased in US format, not on the web)-$1000

Formula One: Built To Win-$325

Mr. Gimmick (NTSC) (unreleased in US format, not on the web)-$2500

Rainbow Islands-$400

Unlicensed protos:

Krazy Kreatures-$120

Menace Beach-$200

Castle of Deceit-$160

F-15 City War-$100

Nintendo 64 protos

Turok 3 w/Nintendo 64 and lock and key mechanism 80% version -$650


Donald Duck-$450

Rayman 2-$450

Batman Beyond-$500

Waialae Country Club Golf-$375

Let's Play Tennis-$375

Shooter Maker (Japanese)-$550

Glover 2 versions, both VERY early -$650 each

Legend of Mystical Ninja-$900

Star Wars Shadows of the Empire-$750

Hybrid HEaven-$900