Episode 4 of the Armchair Arcade Radio podcast is now available, and features Duke Nukem Forever, Active Gaming, Violence, special guest Shane R. Monroe, and much more! Check it out here: http://www.armchairarcade.com/neo/node/3562

There's too much content in this episode to cram into a subject line! Clocking in at three hours, episode 4 features an exclusive interview with retrogaming radical Shane R. Monroe and the talents of Mark Vergeer (back with a vengeance!), Christina Loguidice, Chris Kennedy, Rob Daviau, Matt Barton, and Bill Loguidice. We also announce and read the winner of our one paragraph videogame back story contest.

Segments and approximate times below:

* Matt reads "Donkey Kong," the prize-winning short story by Craig A. Meyer (4:00)
* Mark talks about his first look at Duke Nukem Forever (6:58)
* Christina on active gaming (18:43)
* Rob reminisces about the ups and downs of being an Amiga fanboy in Canada (28:17)
* Chris reviews the recent Supreme Court case on videogame violence (52:40)
* Matt interviews Shane R. Monroe (1:12:28)
* Bill talks about a literally killer game, Sub Mission, complete with original cassette audio (2:18:52)

The first person who leaves a comment on Armchair Arcade containing the names of all the songs played in this episode will win a game of his or her choice from a special selection via GamersGate. Hint: All are SIDs except for one MOD (this is excluding our intro music, which is the Blood Money theme by Ray Norrish).