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Thread: Quadtronics Q-476...a strange Pong Clone

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    Default Quadtronics Q-476...a strange Pong Clone

    I was recently given a Pong Clone from Recycled Gamer. It is quite a strange Pong Clone. I decided to make a video showcasing it. Enjoy the video!
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    You kind of got my hopes up, describing it as a 'strange' Pong clone. It's really not, it had a couple tweaks to the design, but it's pretty much a straightforward Pong machine. I was sort of hoping it would have some extra games thrown in. I've only personally seen the standard-issue Pong games in these kinds of units (I have several) but I've never come across any of the later released machines with the extra types of games thrown in. The closest I have is an APF clone that has a lightgun shooting game in it. Sadly, the thrift store I bought it at had thrown the gun away since the cord was a little frayed.

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