Hi all, I'm trying to unload some sega systems that I have decided not to collect for, so here they are.

Two Sega Master Systems with the neccesary plugs, two light guns, four controllers, and the following game:

-R-Type (game with case and manual)

Sega Genesis and CD model 1 with all the necessary plugs, two controllers, and the following games:

-Sonic CD (complete)
-Final Fight CD (disc only)
-Lethal Enforcers (disc and manual with gun)

Sega CD model 2 in box with manual, plate, screws, and shield. No plugs included.

Sega 32x system never used, brand new.

As far as prices go, I'm not really sure how much things go for. I know you guys hate making offers as do I, but make me an offer. Everything can be sold seperately. Also as of right now I only take paypal, but may be swayed to another method if your nice. Oh yeah, will also only ship to US and Canada. Send me a PM or post here if interested.