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Thread: A few items priced to sell...because I want them to sell!

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    Default A few items priced to sell...because I want them to sell!

    Alright, here's the rundown... I need to sell these items. A link to pics can be found at the end of the listing. Prices include shipping within the US...shipping to Canada and the rest of the world will be slightly more. Trades might be considered, but only for a select few items (Japanese PS1/PS2/PS3 limited editions, Dragon Quest IX DS NFR, or any other Dragon Quest/Lufia/Tales of stuff I don't already have).

    1. Original CopyNES - Parallel-port version. Yes, it's one you don't see very often. I bought it from Dain (founder of NA) way back when, with the intent of eventually using it, but that never came to pass. Strangely enough, I don't believe I've even powered it on since I've had it. System only, no cords or controllers... Asking $95.

    2. Lot of 15 random boxed NES games - They'll vary in condition, generally around 5-8/10, and may or may not include manuals. $50 on this. Pic at the end of the album (linked below) shows the boxed NES games currently available, except for these 15:

    Base Wars
    Ice Hockey
    Guardian Legend
    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    RBI Baseball (non-faded one)
    Ninja Crusaders
    The Black Bass
    Legendary Wings
    Clash at Demonhead
    Wrath of the Black Manta

    3. Tengen Tetris (NES) - Cart-only. Pretty decent shape, except back label is bubbling a bit. I have it listed on my website at $27.95 + shipping, but I'll sell it for $26 shipped within the US (also $26 shipped to Canada).

    Pics here.

    Questions, comments, or offers, you know what to do.
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    Wanted: Any and all Dragon Quest, Lufia/Estpolis, Tales of series, and NIS games, strategy guides, and miscellaneous items. Will pay $$$ or trade well for items I don't already have.

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    pm sent.
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