I really like my systems as original as they come. I also have a personal distaste for modded consoles when it comes to design/color changes, and add on lights and such. That said... I must say I am starting to dive into the concept of "Standardizing" my older consoles with regular RCA or S-Video where available.

I did some research, and was looking for someone capable of doing these mods for myself and/or other members of the community. I came across the following page:


This guy, maybe one of you guys even, has posted some decent pictures of his craftsmenship, and convinced me to want to go ahead and add these video output mods to my old MegaDrive, NES Toploader, Sega Master System, and my Neo-Geo.

Here's the problem. There is no contact information on his site.

So... Do any of you guys do these same mods, just as clean as the pictures that guy posted, or maybe know a good place I can deal with?

I'm dead set on doing this to my used systems. Anything new in box will stay that way. But my MegaDrive would love to abandon it's old giant proprietary connector, and get some shiny new standard RCA outs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.