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    Default Famicom Collections

    Post pics of your Famicom game collections in this thread. Original Famicom only!

    Heres my humble, growing collection:

    Motocross Mania (awesome game! This is what Excitebike 2 would have been!), Ducktales 2, Donald Land, Mickey Mouse, Little Nemo, Rockman 4, Xexyz, Hammerin' Harry, Parman

    Mad City (Bayou Billy), Warwolf, Crossfire, Wanpaku Kokkun No Gourmet World (Panic Restaurant), Dynamite Batman (Return of the Joker), Time Zone, New Ghostbusters 2, Dead Fox (Codename: Viper), Ninja Crusaders

    Doki Doki Panic (Super RARE pirate cart of the FDS exclusive game!), Legend of Almana (RARE pirate cart of the FDS exclusive game!), Super Contra 8 (Weird, all new Contra hack game), Kero Kero Keroppi 2, Mr. Gimmick! (RARE Polish pirate cart titled "Pipe V"), Contra 4-IN-1 (Super C, Contra Force, Final Mission, and Super Contra 7, an all new Contra Hack), Alien Syndrome, MC Mario (Rare Mc Kids Hack with Mario as main character!), 76-IN-1 (all classic titles! Mario Bros. Ice Climber, Circus Charlie, Mach Rider, Balloon Fight, etc. The games repeat but each different version starts you off with extra lives or different power ups, or higher levels to start off! Cool!)

    And thats my little collection. Ill be sure to update, I have some COOL and Incredible games coming my way!

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