Long story short--does anybody know what part number or resistor value to use for the 2 variable pots on the Vectrex controller PCB?

Long story long:

So, I was on the hunt for a donor Vectrex with a good back shell to replace the back shell in my good Vectrex. I'd absent-mindedly drilled a hole in the back shell for the pause switch instead of drilling the hole in the front shell. That will teach me to drill & talk on the phone at the same time...

So, I got a beater off of eBay & have it *almost* all fixed up:

Feeling bold after fixing my clothes dryer yesterday (faulty door switch), I adjusted the monitor, reflowed the solder on the accessible IC30X chips to clean up slanty text, & cleaned off the exterior gunk.

The catch is the controller. WOW. This guy took a big screwdriver & started prying apart the 2 halves until the sides were gone, the front was gone, the PCB was in 2 pieces, the PCB location pins were snapped off...I've fixed all of those issues...but...

...most importantly, the 2 little pots (trim pots to zero the big joystick pots, methinks?) on the PCB are all but obliterated. I get almost normal vertical joystick response, but the joystick is stuck on far right, horizontally. I swapped the wires on the stick pots & it appears that both stick pots are good (and return to center & the stick has its handle--hooray!).

Has anybody got a part number or supplier or description for the 2 tiny pots on the PCB? At least I assume they're pots based on what remains. Anybody got spares?

Pics (I'll take more later, showing the extent of the disaster): http://s242.photobucket.com/albums/f...nolab/vectrex/

If I can't find these parts, I suppose I could consider parting the stick out, since it has many other good parts. That's probably more profitable, but I like the challenge of fixing the stick (maybe I can glue on some plastic panels to reconstruct the walls?) & I do plan on selling the system, so it would be nice to have a working (albeit hideous) controller to make the package complete.

I suppose that, if I do part out the controller, it has the following good items that I'd sell for $5 each + shipping: cord w/ connectors on both ends, stick shaft, buttons & rubber button underlay (trimmed slightly on one end to accommodate my PCB rescue surgery), & joystick assembly (pots & springs & threaded shaft, not the "bat").