What's this worth? I bought it new, it's mint condition.

How about the European version of Rez? Mine is the non-crappy/working copy. As some may know a large amount of the Euro Rez's went bad somehow.

Actually let me ask a list of things for DC/Saturn real quick:

Under Defeat w/poster, special Edition

Castle of Shikigami 2 SE (Shikigami no Shiro II)

Trigger Heart Excellica SE

Psyvariar 2 (is this an SE? I bought every Special/limited edition)

Trizeal, with Hankerchief

Karous (se? came with Phone Card)

Chaos Field (this has some little extra also)

For Saturn:

All the working designs games.

Mechanical Violator Hakkaider (after the tv show, nothing dirty you pervs)

Clockwork Knight 1&2 compilation

Game Tengoku SE with VHS Anime episode

I'll write some more later.