First off, before I get to asking the gamer community here about the above title, I just wanted to state that - I'm glad to have found this awesome forum.

I was looking for the Intro Thread and I couldn't find it, so I am greeting you folks from here.


And now onto my cerebral conundrum: [Describing a video game that has some solid visuals in my head, into a description that is useful for the folks here to help me figure out what this 'mystery' game is.]
- So, here is my approach, I will start with what I have and 'hopefully' based on what information that I give, I'll get follow-up questions related to it.

Let's Begin:

(Note: I'm almost certain this was a pre-PS2 game, that had consoles of the PS1 era graphics - meaning the game in my head was not on Nintendo, Genesis, etc. It might have been on Dreamcast, possibly.)

*Oh, and I forgot to ask this preliminary question as well. - How would I go about asking about a video game that I can't remember the name of in general - online or off?

...and now the descriptions part:

1). Secret paths - The main thing that I remember about the game was that it had these:

* It had a section where you can ride through a glass tube and then come back onto the course|track and then continue on. <== It is this in particular, why my brain 'refuses' to let this memory go. It was a unique touch to a game in the 'vehicle-driving' category of console games.

* It also had an underground pathway|roadway that entered from street level and exist back onto the street level again.

* Another part I remember, was in the track design. There was a section, where there was this small detail of being able to ride on an elevated side something or another and then ride off of it back onto the course|track.
(Yes, I know that the above descriptions are a bit vague, but it's what I visually have in my head.)

Extra - but possibly conflicting information:

* Start of the race had the (red)(yellow)(green) countdown. (And I also, remember there being motorcycles, but again I could be mixing the 'multiple pathways' of one game for the one that I'm trying to remember.)

* In part of the game, it was at night and I was able take my vehicle up to the top of some high platform|ledge (it might have been a building) and watch the other vehicles go by below.

b. Multiple Paths - Although there were multiple paths on the courses|tracks, it was essentially a linear game. Meaning: that one could only race going forward; no turning around, I think. (Yeah, it sucks not remembering awesome memories from one's youth.)

2). Racing Track (using 'track' loosely here) - The setting of the track was in a city-like setting and it was daylight, that is for *sure*.

Genre: (Possibly Motorcycle) Racing, (Possibly) Combat,
| Circa 90's, (Quality Play, I think, for the time.)

Some ideas of what the game could be, not certain it's any of the below:
| Ridge Racer | Twisted Metal | Destruction Derby | MotoCross | JetMoto
(Note: I didn't list any of the more futuristic games like, Extreme G or Wipeout, because the game in my head was not 'that' graphics intensive.) <== But, again considering how long ago I played this game, I could be way off target. *That is of course, where this awesome community might be able to step in to - .

(Note: I Googled for any games even close to what I was thinking about (see above mentioned), but was still unable to mentally pinpoint if any of them was the game that I was thinking of.
- The primary reason, as brought up throughout this post, is that I only remember parts of the tracks in the game.
- I even went on Youtube to jar my memory a bit, but found that most video game console gameplays are not covered in full. = More frustration.)


1. I don't recall if the game had a two player option. Because if it did, I might have remembered the game having a split screen.


To the reader, that bothered to go through the process of helping me with this, I really appreciate it. And I apologize in advance for not having any more details for you to work with. - Quite frankly, it is the reason that I initially came here for, to find an answer to bothersome question. What was that game???

- I think you can understand what it's like to have something in your memories that you can't put words to.

And so, if it turns out that I still do not find out what this 'mystery' game is, at least I got it off of head and in a place where someone else can relate with my frustration.

Well, that is all that I have for now. - I'm looking forward to any replies from this community. Peace!!