Posting here since the Pop'n games I play are of the PS1 era. Anyway...

A little background first - I bought an ASC over a year or so ago for $5, third hand from a local electronics based flea market. It worked fine from the start and it appears to be a V4 controller (due to the housing size) with the optional LED lighting in the buttons.

If anyone else here owns an ASC from Desktop Arcade I have a favor to ask. See, I disassembled all the actuators in mine today to give them a good cleaning. That went off without a hitch but I was never happy with some of the wiring inside the controller, it just seemed extremely haphazard although it worked fine. So I redid some of the connections to the PCB, touched up some solider points on the diode leads, etc. When taking a close look to see if anything else needed adjustment I noticed that the quick disconnects weren't properly seated - none of them.

You know how a quick disconnect looks like this from the end... o_o

Now the sides are supposed to wrap around the switch leads, holding the lead tight to the blade of the quick disconnect, making a solid connection. On my ASC instead of being properly plugged into the switches, the quick disconnects were shoved onto the switches with the switch connection between the blade and the insulated housing.

I'm curious if anyone else has one of these controllers if they can pop it open and check the connections. It's not a big deal but DAMN, this is freaking amateur hour stuff on a $200+ controller. (Yes, I got mine for $5 but that's beside the point) It's very possible somewhere down the line another owner could have screwed with the internals and not put it back together right, really I'm just curious if this is how they were being shipped.