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Thread: Game Music Bundle 2

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    Default Game Music Bundle 2

    This is a pay what you want bundle. Part of the donations go to charity (American Cancer Society or Child's Play) and there are several albums included. The main five are:

    Aquaria, by Alec Holowka
    To the Moon, by Kan R. Gao
    Machinarium, by Floex
    Jamestown, by Francisco Cerda
    Sword & Sworcery, by Jim Guthrie

    And if you pay $10 you get FLACs and the following:

    8-Bit Pimp, by A_Rival
    Mighty Switch Force, by Virt
    Shatter, by Module
    Cat Astro Phi, & Passcode by Disasterpeace
    Machinarium Bonus EP by Tomas Dvorak
    Tower of Heaven by Flashygoodness
    Eternal Daughter by David Saulesco
    Songs for the Cure 2010 by Various Artists

    And there seems to be an unlock once 10,000 sales are reached. The top three contributors will get additional goodies, too.

    Just thought you guys should know. I plan on getting these today.
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    I got mine yesterday - its' a steal, really. After I finished Aquaria, I wanted the soundtrack, but I believe it was going for something like $20. I don't think I payed that much for the game itself. It was worth getting this bundle for that soundtrack alone - the others are all icing on the cake. Delicious icing, I might add.
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