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Thread: New to collecting (sort of)

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    Default New to collecting (sort of)

    I have a bunch of boxed snes games and I'm going to start grabbing Super Famicom games and was wondering if anyone knew where to get some box cases to protect the boxes I've did a bunch of looking around and found this site but don't know the size to get for my boxes could anyone enlighten me?


    Also anyone know some good import sites for super famicom stuff?

    Edit: I found the size but I also found these hard like cases

    costly stuff! anyone know where I can find cases like this a tad cheaper?
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    here a idea ^_^ check ebay/amazon, and buy couple SNES games that might have protectors already, resell the games that you dont need for collection, and keep the protectors o.o might come up cheaper than buying the protectors + gets you towards building your collection.

    Also certain comic plastic bags might seal the game perfectly and protect it from dust.
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