The announcement of a new Pokemon game got me waxing all nostalgic over my 14-year history with the series. Back in my day, (1998, to be specific), there were only 151 Pokemon to capture and trade, and that was more than enough. It took months to learn everything about the game, but eventually I knew everything there was to know about the creatures of Kanto and Pokemon Blue as a whole. I was a king.

That all changed in the year 2000, when Pokemon Gold brought 100 new monsters to the Pokedex and crippling irrelevancy to the knowledge I'd slaved to accumulate. I tried to keep up, sure, and for a while I kept at it, but eventually I faltered, mentally exhausted from transforming myself into a compendium of information no longer needed or sought after by my peers.

I didn't have the strength to carry on, but to those who fought further, I salute you with these webcomics from last week and a related poll after the break.

Montezuma's Revenge (Penny Arcade)
Modern Entrepreneurs (Nerf Now!!)
Miranda Dead to Rights (Awkward Zombie)
Design on a Dime (Hejibits)
Love Taps (Life in Aggro)Continue reading Weekly Webcomic Wrapup caught them all, once ...
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