So I just came to the realization the other day that my copy of Fallout 3 is actually the exclusive Survival Edition, not the Limited Edition. It's not in near mint shape so I'm trying to come up with a price for it.

It is complete but there are some bad points. I removed the tape from the cardboard on the outside box (a bit of an OCD moment on my part), and it does have some wear from storage and just general handling. The second issue is that the stand for the clock broke during assembly, and I had to glue one of the pieces onto it. The clock also has some light scratches on the stand and screen from handling and being knocked over a few times, nothing huge and you would have to go looking for most of them. Lastly, the bobblehead has some paint marks on the face that I believe were original to it, the paint job on it seems slightly irregular but someone might think it is an impact transfer on first glance.

These seem to be selling for around $300 online, when they show up. I was thinking maybe trying to get $150 at a minimum locally from CL or through some contacts, tossing in the LE guide as a freebie. I want to sell it ASAP and I just want to get the money out of it that I put into it originally, and also avoid the hassle of going through eBay if I can. If anyone thinks I can get more than that for it please let me know.

Thanks in advance!