Reason I'm starting this because I been buying on-line for a long time and also a lot of ma and pa stores are gone now. Example .. I had 3 games come in the mail today, first 2 games from one seller sold in very good condition, came like new condition.The other was listed as like new condition came in very good to good [ disc ] as marks and a lot of small scratches. Both auctions had pictures but not of the underside of the discs.I am getting very tire having to e-mail the seller about their games.Really what should happen to stop this practice is put some kind of rating or guide they have to follow by?[not what they have in place now] Say the seller looks at each pic, the case rating, manual, back cover artwork, Disc ect.. by just looking at the pictures to compare their copy with? with e-bay and who ever. And when they don't follow the strict guide lines some kind of action to stop them from selling like this. and also some kind of refund too. what do guys think would work better? note: How do you guys deal with this too?