I didn't see a more appropriate place to post this, if there is one for "promotional" threads, can a mod please move it for me?

My name is Cooper, and I am a retro game collector. I only collect games that are at least boxed, and no greatest hits. I am currently sitting at a little above 1500 games, and I collect strictly for NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBC, GBA, NDS, Gamecube, Wii, Virtual Boy, PS1, PS2, Xbox, and HyperScan. I have over 200 boxed NES games, over 500 PS2 games, etc...

I have a youtube channel and am VERY active in the youtube gaming community. I am currently at about 1400 subscribers, and with tons of plans for my youtube channel, and tons of things going on, I am looking to find some more people who might be interested in checking out what I am doing.

I just uploaded my special 100th pick up video, in a series of 7 videos consisting of over 100 boxed nes games, a nintendo power 100 N64 controller, sealed majoras mask and paper mario, and more.

I have a 1500 subscriber contest planned, a new room tour coming, informational videos, and more pick up videos.

Please take a second to check out my channel, and if you are at all interested in retro gaming, please subscribe and be on the look out for tons of new material being uploaded all the time. Thanks in advance to anyone who is already subscribed, or does subscribe, I really appreciate all the support