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Thread: Kemco's Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle converted to Roger Rabbit.

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    Default Kemco's Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle converted to Roger Rabbit.

    A few gents on Nintendo Age decided to replace the sprites and titles on Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle with those from the Roger Rabbit Famicom Disc game. They did a great job. In case you didn't know, Kemco produced several Disney licensed games in Japan, but didn't have the license in the US. So they replaced them with others. In this case, it was Bugs Bunny and the Looney Toons. Obviously the FDS version is playable on emulators and the NES PowerPak.

    I think the LJN title we did get was more complete a game than this one, which is fairly simplistic, but less frustrating.
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