So I was trying to play my copy of Beyond Oasis (that I bought used a month or so ago), but I keep having problems. At first I was watching the opening cut scene and the game locked up. So I pulled it out gave it a good blow (don't start) and the second time I got to the opening game scene on the beach. Before freezing up again. I gave it a third go, and this time the game ran for nearly 15 minutes, at least until I had gotten to Ali's castle. After wandering around a bit I tried to save my game, but it wouldn't let me (I assume I was just somewhere you couldn't save) but when I backed out of the menu, my character sprite was garbled, and then the game froze again.

Is my game probably defective? Is there anything I can do?

I've also got a copy of Golden Axe II that will not boot up at all.