Due to lack of space, I must part with my beloved DECO Cassette System arcade cab. If you've never heard of a DECO Cassette System before, take a look at my DECO page: http://www.atariprot...m/deco/deco.htm

This was a former party rental unit that I picked up a few years ago. When I got it it only had 300 or so plays on it and was pretty much brand new (guess it wasn't too popular). I've barely used it over the last few years other than to turn it on for the occasional gaming party. The cab has a multi-game board installed in it with all the dumped DECO games included. Not only is the multi-game board more reliable than the tapes, they load instantly as well. My unit also has the second fire button installed which is required for some of the games.

I also have some DECO games themselves. These games are very rare to find, especially boxed. I have multiple tapes/dongles for Burgertime that I will include. Explorer and Terranean do not work due to them requiring an extra add-on board I do not have. The rest work (Burgertime can be temperamental though) but Lucky Poker is missing the tape. I can sell the games separately if desired.

You can see pictures here: http://www.atariprot...ycollection.htm

Astro Fantasia (box, cassette, dongle, and extras)
Bump n Jump (cassette, dongle, marquee)
Burger Time (cassette, dongle, marquee)
Explorer (box, cassette, dongle, and extras)
Lock n Chase (box, cassette, dongle, and extras)
Lucky Poker (dongle only)
Mission X (cassette and dongle)
Super Astro Fighter (box, cassette, dongle, and extras)
Terranean (box, cassette, dongle, and extras)

I don't know what to ask for this setup, so please make me an offer. I can't ship this, so it will have to be local pickup in the SE Michigan area only unless you arrange for other shipping. The games tend to be rarer and more expensive than the cab itself, so I can sell those separately if you just want the cab with the multicart.

And now some pictures:

My beloved cab

Multicart Menu

Burgertime running