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Thread: FS/FT Shining force CD for sega CD!

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    Default FS/FT Shining force CD for sega CD!

    popful mail is near mint, has a Vay map with it as a freebie since it ended up being with the game all these years when i got it second hand, with only issue being Vay map is bent up a little, otherwise disc is nearly perfect

    shining force has small crack in front of case and disc has scratches but plays fine, i recently played quite a bit of it, im guessing about 6 to 8 hours of it and never had any issues on my sega CDX.

    asking $90 obo for SFCD.

    would be open to trades for COMPLETE sega saturn games, especially imports (no obi is fine)
    dreamcast games:
    powerstone 2
    baldrforce exe
    capcom vs snk 2
    half-life (yea boot i know)
    kof 98 dream match
    last blade 2

    play-asia gift cards
    a super everdrive
    gift cards perhaps..

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